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Come back again

Long time no see!

Well, I could not write any artcles until today because of various tasks. Maybe about 4months havs passed since I reported previous one. First I have to tell him a thing, though, no one see this blog, I suppose. I moved from Tokyo to Nagoya, and now belong to the Nagoya University, the Master program of International Linguistics and culture, where I study, of course, Englisg, the only language I can use as a foreign language, and something connected with cultures, such as, the genesis of the altarcation between liberalism and radicals. Anyway my life changed a little. Needless to say, the albert at the Regal also was resigned very sarrowfully, and at the last day my couleagues gave me a shoetree,which is a wooden keeper for shapening shoes. I have really appreciated them to work together and earn much money for enrolling the univ.

After moving to Nagoya, My life was, what is more, changing before working there. My introductive professor, which is my boss, was a genteel and warm-hearty one, but quite severe to the accademics. I re-wrote a reserch project more than twice. So It is so hard that I woander whethre my final thesis would be finished with content or not. All I have to do is to do my best. I had devoted myself to getting a scholorship for living in Nagoya until recently.

So, on account of many reson, I could not spare the time opeining the account here. But presentations in the former semester would be almost completed, taking a food report again.

Thank you.

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The First Article

Well, though I only do see this blog because of my secret to anybody, I will jot down my artcle of what I visted cafes and restaurants.

However, I need to show myself why I think and memorize that before I inscribe documents of elegant, modish, and lovely foods and dishes.

Recetly I have been starting to drop on the cafe shops to read a novel of Japanese literature or study my major and another milues like economics, literature, metaphysics, and sometimes medicines which I don't know why I study.

Doing those, What I can not lack in restplaces is to drink various coffee and tea. Especially I love tea very vehemently in the time when it is getting colder and colder like changing fall into winter. So That's the great time to testify whether I can remember where I did before and introduce the future wifes to where I visited in the age of studenthood like the present time someday.

Now is very comvenient period, I think. How did the former people in the ancient time memorize their mind? They should keep their inspiration with their skill like painting, writing, and searing to their eyes or heart. Comparing to that, those who live in the appropriate and comfortable time have to feel very happy.

Anyway, I try to leave my time of daybreak and nightbreak here. I am looking forward to encoutering my favorite spaces to disentangle the secular and vulgar circumstances in Japan.

Thank you.
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