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らーめん ふくのや

Three days have passed since I came to Saitama. The conferrence I joined at Tokyo was over and I accomplished all of what I have to do in Tokyo. So I was very boring at that time. I got up very late, watched TV and behave myself very tired. I have one thing to do as soon as possible. It was to write report for literature, whose deadline was at the end of March. But I didn't feel like proceeding the report. Anyway I behaved myself freely during the comeback.

However, my stomach would be hungry after a while. My mum was out on business. I'm alone and didn't feel like cooking something by myself. So I struck on my mind that I had missed one shop to go. So I decided to go there immidiately because the opening time would be on the edge. This shop is very near my house. But when I arrived at the shop, it was difficult for me to find the parking area for my bike. It was located behind the shop. on the white powdered stones, my shoes got dirty and my feeling was getting terrible.
ふくのや 003 huku

How was the ramen? The ramen shop is popular about Shio-ramen among youngster. And as a sidedish you can order a small bowl of rice with raw egg and good tasted chashu.
ふくのや 001 huku

ふくのや 002 huku

I thought the ramen not to be Shio-ramen but Tonkotsu one. It was tasty indeed, but the taste was not accepted as shio-ramen.
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ラーメン 丸源 二ツ家店

In coming to the days of Jan, I find that I am getting very lazier than staying in Nagoya, because I had not done anything for this week, except for reading only one book.(I will write a report for it within today.) I had a task to go to the hospital to remedy my skin itching on face, call back to some people who I know according to my job in Nagoya, and deal with what I have to do within today.

But I didn't feel like doing my jobs all day. So anyway I intended to have lunch before doing something. Actually, I noticed that I have never gone to any restaurants for sojourning in my hometown. I first serched for where I wanted to go. But Today was not good for visiting somewhere because there were many of them which usually have holiday on Tuesday. When I went to one shop which I wanted to go without any plans, it was closed for the shop's holiday.

So I went here.
丸源ラーメン 二ノ宮店 002 maruge

It is located across TSUTAYA. You can be easy to find it. The shop was so huge that many people could be accomodated there, but few people when I went there.
What I ordered is the below.
丸源ラーメン 二ノ宮店 001 maruge

It was based on Tonkotsu, which is boiled soup with a bone of pork, and much fat of that. I assumed that it should be fatty, but it was not too rich. However, i can not say that it was satisfied enough to be tasty.
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I refrained a redolensce of the shop when I walked through the street by the shop. The savor of curry allured me to go there.
サッカール 002 sakka

I usually ordered the below curry.

I think it is very savorful and easy to eat without too much hotness.
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Hej. Today I was preparing for the apply for the grad school, get the information and introduction of the grad school. So I visited a post office to buy a stamp and envelope, and fill in some documents, zip code, and adress to the envelope.

At the time of the middle of a day, I tried to find a restaurant for lunch nearest to my home with internet. Then I got an information at a second of clicking some pages. It takes only 5min to get there by bike.

The restaurant serves as western-Japanese dishes to visitors. It is easier to access to the restaurant because there are a couple of spaces of parking. The house is simple, but very cute and lovey like a Scandinavian establishment.


I placed an order to かにクリームコロッケ, which is a krokket including a cream sauce and a minched crab. サイズ変更ウィザード-1la3

Seeing to the objective comment on the web of yahoo, the popularity is not so good because there is unpreferable place for smoking, though I like there, for I do not smoke at all, I think that that's unbelievable to smoke over a lunch.

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つけ麺 秀 自家製麺

Well, I have heard of the rumor there is a delicious ramen shop since before. I tried to go there with that rumor in order to check up on whether it is true or not.

The shop is very near my home. On the way of going to the univ, I dropped in at lunch. There were quite many people who know the rumor and come in many times. Of course, I have visited it for the first time. I placed an order on つけ麺, which is most popular among the people.


The つけ麺 is the below.

This dipping soup is based on soi sauce, and some ingridients. it was a little deep taste of soi sauce. But it is so just mild and suitable for the noodle for us that I could not stop my chopsticks. I became to like one of the most favorite ramen.

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娘娘 (桶川店)

Today was my holiday. So I could get up very late and do something very idlely. So I lay down at home by noon. After I watched TV, I got hungry so much that I felt like eating something and scourt out for some gourmet around my town. Then I found information of one ramen. It is very popular along my town as a tasty ramen production. But I have never tried to have it, as it was very near to my house and well-known along neiborhood. So I winded up to go there by bike in cool breeze.


It might seem to be outlandish. However, it gives us feeling of more traditional-like taste and production of a great ramen. This shop is one of branches of "娘娘", whose headquater is located in Kita-Urawa. So I also need to compare between them.

It has a popular menu, of course. It was "スタカレー", which is a high volume of stamina. But It was very oily and burden my stomach so much that I placed an order to a plain ramen and a dish of dumpling.

Maybe the basis of the soup is made up to much fish oil.

Whether famous ramen shop or not depends on cook a plain one in depth, I think.

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讃岐うどん 丸亀製麺

About 6 months have passed since I went to the Udon-produced shop. It is very adjacent to my house. What is better, The price of many menus is much cheaper than that of another shops.


I placed an order to the hot udon menu and some Tempras of white fish and shrimp. On holidays many families are coming to the shop very crowdedly. Some parents told off the children as manners. Some people who lined up in front of the kitchen considered which they intend to order.


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カフェ はな

Season is turning fall into winter little by little. That thing caused some trees to turn colorful tinge and fall around many defoliaged leaves. In that scenary, I spent my slow time reading a book and clean up my room very meticulously. It was such a nice weather that it should be very worthy going out.

So I scouted around for the new cafe shop around my hometown. When I watched for the information of the popular cafes in the web, I came across the cafe I went today.

The cafe was located in the city activity hall of Okegawa.

It was a quite retro-styled and warm space.

Some elderly people came in and talk chatterly over a cup of coffee. On all acounts, people who come for a show or a concert to the hall come there after that performance, I guess.

It is a latte makkiarto I placed an order.

I spent about two hours reading a book and solve some works in English, which was more extremely difficult than I reflected on.

It strikes that the number of cafe shop is getting more and more around there. The vehement cafe boom would attribute Okegawa to a more modish city than before. Anyway I came not to go out for a break.
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Coming back to my hometown, I went to the cafe near the Okegawa station. The name is "Adomani", which is a Italian name.

The entrance was cute.

I ordered a cup of tea"Rose Peach" which include much vitamin C and some essences of peach recules.

That was a great savor when I drank it.

The inner ornaments were also good and modern.


I spent an hour writing my English essay and meditate in something else. But when I ordered something, my voice could not be listened to the waitress because some space was far from the counter and kitchen. That's a little vexed point. They need to pay attentions more.

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This ramen shop is near my house. I can go there by bike. The name is "いち力".


I ordered the refresh and hot ramen because of summer. It was pretty good.
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