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It was much more delicious than I had expected.
シンガポール 044 hukaga
Sorry, Lack of battery made me take no photo of the inside.
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I departed for my home in Saitama. But before I went back home I met my friend in Tokyo. It was "long time, no see". My friend went from Mishima, which is the city in Shizuoka, in a distance. We went toward Suidobashi which we commuted at the age of undergraduate to see a professor, and we have no idea whether we could see him or not. However, we had no reasons to see him and we tried to consider the reasons. Through our long thought, one man with sunglasses came out of the building. We easily found that he was our professor. We salute him and my friend with him advertently. Then we went toward the Tokyo station next with him in the way.

After we separated him, we went to H&M, which is a franchised store of clothes from Sweden and bought some clothes for summer there. Usually it was very hard to even enter the building, though we didn't have to make a que for entering H&M. During an hour we went shopping. It was since 6 months that I have never gone shopping. That's enjoyable for me.

After then we ate curry the below.
銀座 010 meihin

It was served at the new shop in Itoshia which some famous curry shops in Tokyo collaborated. We can choose what we want to curry by 2 choices. I tried kima curry and butter curry. Those were good, especially the latter. I will visit the original shop next time.
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まい泉 (東京)

I had a post office's test at 13:00 today. I was back to Tokyo with much luggage. But I need to be full of my stomach before the examination and interview. I went to the shop and had a Tonkatsu.

4月です。 003 maisen
It was very tasty! I felt like winning the exam! however.....
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Maruzen Cafe

Arriving at the Tokyo station, I walked to the Daimaru building to find the shop for something to eat
at lunch. There was traffic jam at that time that my lunch was delayed a little. Walking around the building, there were no place to have lunch with reasonable price. So I get out of that and went toward Nihonbashi. Then I could find the book store of Maruzen, which has imported books and many franchised branches, including one of them in Nagoya.

In the store, it had a cafe shop on the floor 3.
Nagoya 004 maruzen

I tried to enter and intended to have Hayashi-rice. Mood of the shop seemed elegant. It was not like a casual cafe shop, but a postmodern one. The shop appeared to be famous as the genesis of Hayashi-rice. I didn't know the fact that Hayashi-rice was invented by Yuteki Hayashi, who was also the establisher of Maruzen, until I went into the shop. I was more interested in the Hayashi-rice getting the knowledge from the booklet put on the entrance.

Nagoya 003 maruzen
Looks very nice!

should be tasty!

I 've tasted it.


That's all!
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