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くりの木 いな

On the second day, I was boring. Though I was going to take the exam, i could not do so because of forgetting my passport. I was very stupid, I supposed. But I thought positively that I have no good relation to England. I have experienced another concerns to England. When I went to England with one girl, who is not decent and suitable to me, I had a disastrous experience. First it was heavily rainny at that visit. So I could not go around many places. second, she and I seperated each other on the second day of the trip, and I was unsatisfied with my trip. The last thing was problem of market price. It was crazily high. So I could not go shopping better than I expected. I would like to go and live there, but England does not seem to permit me to do so. That's why I could not take the exam again this time.

So today was very boring. But I do not want to make the day terrible because I went here far from Nagoya.

I planned to go to REGAL to get my ordered shoes. However, I got hungry before going there. I need some food to my stomach. I thought where I could be full of it. Then I remembered one shop, くりの木, which is very famous in the rumor of the web. Many people in Ageo appeared to know the shop in the survey. my mother knew it, as well.

Pallareling to many rumors, it was very crowded enough to make a que to have lunch there. I was also one of them. I waited for about ten minutes. After waiting, I entered the shop and ordered the main dish. It seemed to be nearly new.
Nagoya 006 kurinoki

This main fame was 平打ち麺.
Nagoya 007 kurinoki

It was like a Udon. I doubted whether it could be really tasty. I carried the noodle to my mouth. It was not good as many rumors of good taste. It was not easy to eat the noodle because it was too long to use chopsticks adroitly and chop with my mouth. The soup is too Katsuo-taste one.
But I don't always say that it was bad. My tongue didn't match the ramen.
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