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I had two lectures to teach my students English, one of which is for the first time. I first went to Issha to reinforce the ability of the student to Eiken Test. but he was very bad mood today with his mother and I felt worse than usual, as well. After the work, I went back to Issha and checked the way to the next house for a new student. I had ample time to get there and succeeded in getting there within the decided time between us. Different from the before house, it was not warm and treated with me. There was big gap between the domestics. At the same time, I could find that the rich house has tendency to cost much money to the academics, sometimes in vain.

The new student was very cheerful and friendly. I could be easy to talk with him very frankly. He can play valleyball as well as he can be a behalf athlete in the Aichi prefecture. But His abolity to study English is no so high level as I expected, though he can not at all. Anyway I was very relieved to the house.

After I finished the whole work, I went toward Nagoya Dome to have something to eat because I skipped lunch by the time I finished my works. Then I tried to find somewhere to eat in the Ion ner the dome. I walked around the building for a half of an hour and decided where to eat something.

The shop was here.
三河開化亭 002 mika

Many advertisements were full of the shop, whether the effect allures the customers or not. It was not in the lunch time that I went to the building and most of the restaurants stopped the lunch-priced menu. Eventually I determined the ramen, which has no lunch time service anywhere.

三河開化亭 001 mika

At first sight, It seemed too oily to eat refreshly. However, It was not so oily as I had expected. Although I praused it a little, it was not so worthwhile a ramen as in Tokyo. That's ordinary one, I think. Strictly speaking, I had remained any strong impression to it.
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I got up very late and prepared for going out for taking a lecture in a hurry. But I could prepare earlier than I had thought and earn the time when I can read some books. I was reading Hosken Report, which is the book of feminism and criticizing the civilization that men have established and unfairness between men and women. I have been getting hatred to her rough statement as a journalist. In the middle of reading it, I stopped doing and went out home.

Then I went to Chikusa station and walked to the Try office for getting a job. I signed up the paper and received some reports and maps to the student I will deal with. After that, I walked toward Shin-Sakae to have lunch. Then I could catch one shop in my sight. The shop is the below.
SIBA 003 siba

The waiter said to me "Namaste (Meaning is こんにちは)" once I entered the shop. He was a cool guy. There were some kinds of set menu in the shop, which was very popular. When I having lunch, many people came there and the shop was full without few minutes.

SIBA 002 shiba

SIBA 001 siba

The curry was a very creamy and mild taste. It was easy for any people to have it. I think that it is very suitable for Japanese people. If you like hot curry, you should serve max hotness in ordering curry in the restaurant.
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