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I had a test in the morning and got a bad mark to say nothing of no studing for it. But It doesn't matter whether it is a good mark or not if the lecture finishes anyway. In fact, I didn't register for the lecture in advance, for I knew that my grade would be worse if I get the credit. That would be OK.

Many things piled up to me in my eyes. For instance, working of teaching English, copying the thesis for my study to another univ, organizing the meeting for the party..... and so on. Anyway I have been very very very busy recently. I had to clean out the piling tasks one by one. First, I tried to bring the thesis to the Nagoya Woman Univ in Mizuho ward. I got on the train and change 2 trains. It was a little far from Nagoya Univ. I could not get there by bike. It took 30 minutes to get the destination. I went toward the univ with my looking at the girl who seemed an student, carefully. But I could reach the univ sefely without a map. The officers brought me what I want to read and copy as soon as I told them. That's very kind and very different from the library in Nagoya univ. The private school is kinder than the official one. But in case of Nagoya univ, Not only many people but also those who don't belong to the univ use it from all of the Tokai area.

After copying all of the orders, I went out to have lunch. I may have little chance to come in Mizuho ward if next time would be lost. So I found the restaurant but seemingly cheap one. Then I ran across the restaurant which has reasonable menus.
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I chose a lunch on the board. Some people enjoyed talking over a cup of tea. They talked about the school which their sons seem to go to. I was waiting for the lunch reading books. Three or five minutes later, the lunch showed up to me.
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Appearance is quite good, and seemed very tasty at first sight. But in fact, the lunch was also as good as my aspect and price. if you want to have lunch a little, I would recommend that you go there.
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