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餃子専門店 正嗣

After きらっせ, I went to 正嗣. It was not preparing for opening when I went there once before めんめん. So I first went to the another dumpling shop. After only an hour many people made a long que when I had already arrived in front of the shop. It is very famous in Japan, many people come from all the city in Japan. if you have a concern and an interest, You can check it!

Tohoku Trip 003 masashi

In waiting for eating with my standing, I ordered what I want to have. There is also s group of college students. Maybe they would go around the city to have many kinds of dumpling. There were some people who have a camera to take a pics. Maybe they would write a report or article like me.

This is a dumpling of 正嗣.
Tohoku Trip 004 masashi2

This dumpling is not my favorite one. Of course, it is thought to be tasty in public, however, I would taste more some spicy leaves for medicine(薬味)than the taste of meat. That's why I didn't like it so much.
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To be continued...

After めんめん, I remembered that there is the franchised shop gathered shops we can eat for dumplings, such as the shops far from the center of the Utsunomiya city. The name is きらっせ. In the shop I ordered a set menu of 龍門.

Tohoku Trip 002 ryuumon
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I traveled around the Tohoku area, which is the northern part of Japan. But because of heavy rain I went back home by express train, after selling the Seisyun 18 ticket out to the discount ticket shop. On the way of the trip, I visited Utsunomiya. I have been to Utsunomiya before, which is famous as a sity where the people consume dumplings more than any other city.

the first shop I went is めんめん.It is proud of the はねつき餃子. When I went there before, It was closed unfortunately. So I re-try to go there and it had just been opened on time that I went there.
Tohoku Trip 001 menmen

Quite Good!!
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This is the place where we visited.

This dumpling is famous of the steamed dumpling. But we thought it was not so popular among the Utsunomiya city because there are not so crowded unfortunately.

What is worse, the price of it was quite expensive. Because most people like the low price, they allured the major shops which produce low price and many dumplings around the Utsunomiya city.

However, the savor of the 北京's dumpling is sure to feel us happy.
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The second dumpling shop we visited is "味一番", where we walked for about 10mins from the Utsunomiya station.

This dumpling is famous as one of the major dumplings, however, the room was quite dirty, to tell the truth. So we didn't expect this dumpling first.

But it was much more delicious than we had thought. The dumpling put in some vegetables and shrimp which is the special ingredient.


You should try that once!
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Well, I would like to visit the Utsunomiya city because I have thought that I would like to have a major dumpling in Utsunomiya. At last the small dream have come true. I went with my friend there.

The Utsunomiya city approximately shammed the Omiya station, I guessed. There should be almost same as the plan of urban construction along the Takasaki and Utsunomiya line.

After the amazingness, we went to our first dumpling shop "みんみん". Here is the original shop of the dumpling in Utsunomiya as well as the biggest chain shops. Because of the fame in Japan, many people made a que around the shop in spite of the normal day.


In order to have the dumpling which many people are renowned as the special one, We waited for a half of an hour. Quite long time, isn't it?

We ordered some sorts of the dumpling: a boiled, baked, and flied one. The photos are baked and boiled ones.

It was, however, less tasty than we had expected. We said

"That's really same as normal one which our mom cooked."

We were sorry that that's anticlimax to it.

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