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Kitchen Hayashi

Today I went to the lecture a little late yesterday. I got some papers to brush up English. But I got out of the room, for I do not feel like exercising with many people.

I walked toward Jinbou-cho along the street. Last time I did, I remembered some places around there, focusing on one restaurant. But it is strange to be located in the underground in spite of the best area such as Suidobashi. However, it is because I think the dish very delicious that I thought so. I think the restaurant would excel in skill more thanany restaurants, and nose out in the area.


I placed an order to Hayashi-rice.

It was delicious I have ever had, I guess. It was good harmony with many vegetables, such as onion, beef, and so on in my mouth. As I waited for 20 minutes on account of the sudden lack of rice, it was worthwhile to wait for it and deserved the dish you should have once, as not so famous restaurant.
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よこすか海軍カレー guchi

Sandwiching 2 holidays, I went to the office to work today. In proportion to being less crowded in PARCO, I was more burdened.

In the course of the lunch time, I went over the Urawa station for westside. And I winded up to the destination. There is a curry shop.


In the shop, it is maneged as a bar as usual, I could guess. But they serve an original curry called Yokosuka-Curry, which is one of famous curry in Japan.


It was good!
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横浜ラーメン あばん

In the course of holidays, I spent the time doing a lot of things, such as reading a book of philosophy, buying something around me, and going to hospital.

Well, I seemed to have something of trouble with my ears from last month though I have no idea of the cause. So I made up my mind going to the hospital to have a diagnosis. Seeing that I went there, I had to waited for a long time there for today was Monday that many people visited to see a doctor the same as my purpose. In the long run, I had waited for 2 hours from getting the appointment.

After the waiting, I accepted a diagnosis and explained about my troubled ears in depth as much as I could. And I attested some check-up test of the power of my ear, going to the another room for the test. Anyway I did my best. However, indeed, I could get any kinds of sounds, such as small, big, high, and low sounds.

Eventually, I have no danger of disease in the wake of the test. I really relived myself so much, because I though there would be something wrong for me. A doctor said,

"You have rather a great ear than a troubled one."

After seeing a doctor, I felt like having something. I went to one ramen shop in the distance from the hospital. But it was on leave. How unlucky it was!

So I came back near the Ageo station and went around there to fish for any shops to have lunch. In the long run, I decided to have it in the below.

This shop is very famous among young people in regard to ramen shops in the metroporitan, actually it is itroduced by some magazines and gulmet guides.

I placed an order to つけめん in common.

The soup is based on soi sauce ,adding on pepper and some condiments, I guess. It was quite good, hot as it was.
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大勝軒 (浦和)

Hard days were over at last. It was quite crowded in my workplace because many people got income of this month and started to take holidays including public holiday. Thanks to that, fortunately, many people come in the shop to buy shoes, I being able to attain my norma of sale. At the same time, I could have conffidence in my behavior of a shopper a little, my boss telling off many conplain to improve my spirit of a shopper to me.

On the lunch time of that time, I could afford to find one ramen shop, which is very famous as a branch of the former biggest ramen shop.

There is a branch of 大勝軒. There are some branches opend by owners who trained there before in the Saitama Prefecture. I visited three shops before, this place has been come for the first time.

You can choose three sorts of soups concerning to Tsuke-Men. It is sure to polish off the ramen, the shop being small and not cleaned up. But sometimes the soup is lurkwarm. So if the soup is not always tepid, It would make it better.
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娘娘 (桶川店)

Today was my holiday. So I could get up very late and do something very idlely. So I lay down at home by noon. After I watched TV, I got hungry so much that I felt like eating something and scourt out for some gourmet around my town. Then I found information of one ramen. It is very popular along my town as a tasty ramen production. But I have never tried to have it, as it was very near to my house and well-known along neiborhood. So I winded up to go there by bike in cool breeze.


It might seem to be outlandish. However, it gives us feeling of more traditional-like taste and production of a great ramen. This shop is one of branches of "娘娘", whose headquater is located in Kita-Urawa. So I also need to compare between them.

It has a popular menu, of course. It was "スタカレー", which is a high volume of stamina. But It was very oily and burden my stomach so much that I placed an order to a plain ramen and a dish of dumpling.

Maybe the basis of the soup is made up to much fish oil.

Whether famous ramen shop or not depends on cook a plain one in depth, I think.

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I met with my friend at the cafe. Recently I have met him frequently, as I met him twice this month. But I recognized that I accompany with him more times than before.

So we were reminded of one cafe. At the same time The cafe could remind me of the time when I just came back to Japan. I had talked with many people there, as I don't ailenate them nowaday.

It has a conpact-roomy space to chat with friends.

On the lunch time, many people are usually crowded there.

I love fuck'n tea! I chose pepper mint tea.

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Well, I finished up the first working days yesterday. So I intended I would get on the train to take a lecture I was so tired that I could not wake up very sanguinarily and refreshedly. So I changed my today's plan and planed to visit the graduate univ of Nihon in Ichigaya to get information for apply. Before that, I tried my hand on sending the letter of the same content to the univ. But I was really anxious because the reply could not be brought back in hand. So I went there directly.

After that, I came back to Suidobashi, attend myself to the 3rd lecture. In the class room, one visitor came in the class, having her one purpose. The purpose is to have many students answer questions concerning to Sports management. There were a quite lot of questions.

Leaving out the classroom, I fished for the modish dining cafe. Paring along the street of Yasukuni, I winded up to one shop.

It was a underground shop.

Around Suidobashi area, there are many cafe shops and restaurants for lunch with reasonable price. So I don't have to have a cheap lunch at the cafeterria, as I have one sometimes, feeling me happier at round shops.

I ordered that menu.

I think it should belong in the price. This shop serves many menus differently every day.

So I need to creep around the area to serch for delicious lunch cafes.
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One snap photo reminded me of the time of working at the PARCO in Saitama. I went to the shop in the rest. I felt like having a beef stake at that time.


On the lunch time, some menus were getting cheaper than at night. I liked it.
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浦和 今井屋本店

Well, I started to do a new part time job at the PARCO. Now I am learning to sell a shoes with help of the senior staffs. But the knowledges I have to learn are much more than I expected before doing a job. Anyway I want to repeat what I learned there in practice, for this month is the time of training.

In the interim of the job, I had a lunch time, of course. Indeed, I have tried to do that twice and I linger around the 5th floor and fish for where I can have lunch with low price. But I have taken pain to finding that as much as I can pare down my cost performance. So usually I have a ramen, which is the only ramen shop in the floor. But I can not accept ramen to my stomach every lunch.

In the annoying term, I could catch one shop in my sight.サイズ変更ウィザード-1imai3

This shop serves to Oyako-don(親子丼) and curry at lunch. You can choose which you like.It is not such a reasonable price of them, though it was very tastey. But some people think the price of it convinces them because the menu adds on a dessert and something to drink.

This is a dessert, "Annin Dofu(杏仁豆腐)". It is served after the main dish.

Although I can not have it every lunch, I feel like going there to have it when my purse is full of much properties and I can afford to do so physically.
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らーめん 由口

At the First day of a new job I had a trouble to finding where I have lunch when the time came when I have lunch. Actually, I had no idea where I can have nice lunches and shop around the Urawa station. Anyway I was in a loss around there and went back and forth.

I ended up going to the ramen shop, which was the cheapest shop in the 5th floor of the PARCO.

This shop mainly deals with a Hakata ramen, which is based on a soup of pig bones.

It was not so bad, But something seemes to be lacking for the taste, though I don't grasp what it is. But it is good that there are a lot of customers beside there, I think.
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Slouc Cafe

At the PARCO in Urawa I found the most Scandinavian-modish cafe at last. Moreover, the concept of the cafe is to read a book like a library or our library over a cafe. And more again, It was little crowded there near the closed time.
That's perfect!!

When you have a girlfriend, I should reccommend to go there and talk a lot with a book with your hand. And there is a theater near the cafe. So you can talk about the watched movie, as well. Some foreigners take a break without hesitation.

This is the room cafe place. You can see a lot of colorful chairs. These chairs are as same as those at the cinema, though, different from colors. You can relax yourself outsides like your room. I was really feeling at ease and confortable.

You can buy some cafes and western maffins at the counter.

I chose Apple Tea and a chocolate orange maffin. But the maffin was so soft and fragile that I had a little difficulty eating it. But That's no problem. Laugh it off.
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レストラン トミー

My mom is going for a trip. My dad is working abroad. So I was alone this weekend. Actually I don't feel at ease so. But I like having meals with my family. This thought is derived from Swedish living ways, I guess. On the other hand, I'm accustomed to live with solitude because I had done in Sweden. I was as if I had turned back to my remniscence.

I tried to stop off the Kita-Urawa station tonight. The shop is for having Japanese-western-styled meals. I watched for them a little.

Entering the shop, Few people came there. Unfortunately, I felt the atmosphere an anticlimax, strictly speaking. I expected that there were more people there.

But it doesn't matter whether it is popular or not. The moment thing is the taste of the meals. I placed an order to a dish of beef stew, adding on a small dish of rice and salad.

This beef seems to be made in Japan, according to the menu list. It was such a soft chewing that I could understand the owner boiled very elaborately. It exuded the great taste to the beef stew.

The interesting device was that he added the spaggetti on the dish. When I ate spagetti with the stew, the spagetti changed into meat-sauced one. But I think the quantitiy parsimonious a little compared to the price.
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讃岐うどん 丸亀製麺

About 6 months have passed since I went to the Udon-produced shop. It is very adjacent to my house. What is better, The price of many menus is much cheaper than that of another shops.


I placed an order to the hot udon menu and some Tempras of white fish and shrimp. On holidays many families are coming to the shop very crowdedly. Some parents told off the children as manners. Some people who lined up in front of the kitchen considered which they intend to order.


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I went to the univ to take a lecture and inspire my volition to my studies. This lecture was was great for me. I identified as what I want to study and scouted around for what I am interested in.

After the lecture, I gave a call to a friend to have lunch together. But he slept over because It seems that he sat up late yesterday. So I ended up going to the shop near the univ alone.

Here is the "かつ村" which is a shop of Ton-Katsu.

I like this Katsu very much because it is a reasonable price and it is easy for male to come in. The katsu is frying to very good degree. Many office workers go there during lunch time. Female might have difficulty coming in, though.

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Cafe de Crie ~カフェ・ド・クリエ~

Well, I went to the agent office to fill out some formal papers for a part-time job and interview the officeworker. It was not so nervous that I listend to his indication. After that, I copied 40 documents at a comvenience store. The copy machine worked so slowly that I was really annoying to copy them out.

Although I thought that I ended with all my work for today then, I forget what I should have done within today. So I carried out the work, which is to go to the library at Kawaguchi to lend back my rent books. The expiration of keeping my rent books were by tomorrow. But I suppose that I will take a lecture tomorrow. So I would completely renege the deadline. What a relief!

After that, I went to the cafe near the Kawaguchi station.

I tried to place an order to "Honey Peach Tea". That was great!! It will strike that is the tea of the year, I will buy the pack one tomorrow absolutely!

I really reccommend it! Let's drink it once!
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カフェ はな

Season is turning fall into winter little by little. That thing caused some trees to turn colorful tinge and fall around many defoliaged leaves. In that scenary, I spent my slow time reading a book and clean up my room very meticulously. It was such a nice weather that it should be very worthy going out.

So I scouted around for the new cafe shop around my hometown. When I watched for the information of the popular cafes in the web, I came across the cafe I went today.

The cafe was located in the city activity hall of Okegawa.

It was a quite retro-styled and warm space.

Some elderly people came in and talk chatterly over a cup of coffee. On all acounts, people who come for a show or a concert to the hall come there after that performance, I guess.

It is a latte makkiarto I placed an order.

I spent about two hours reading a book and solve some works in English, which was more extremely difficult than I reflected on.

It strikes that the number of cafe shop is getting more and more around there. The vehement cafe boom would attribute Okegawa to a more modish city than before. Anyway I came not to go out for a break.
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つけ麺 晴れる屋

I overslept over ten in the morning. So I didn't study and read at all in the morning. So I killed time with my watching TV, some DVDs and dealing with my routine works of PC.

After that, I would like to take medicines for my skin, but I had to take that after lunch. So I needed to have lunch. I checked with the dermatologist yesterday in terms of my pops. But It was not such a serious condition. while taking the medicines last night, my injurious point was picking up more and more.

Eventually, I went around my hometown to visit the new ramen shop, which is one of branches of The 大勝軒 in Higashi-Ikebukuro and has been established near my home.

The entrance is like this.

Some people were making a que in front of the door. It was getting popular along next-to-door people recently.


It was quite delicious.

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麺屋 六文銭

Today I went to Miyahara to have my hair cut in my favorite hair salon. It spent three hours finishing doing that. So the time of having lunch was delayed drasticly.

I look for the place where my stomach could be full of some foods. Then I remenbered where I can have good ramen nere there. So I went to the ramen shop.

I have seen the shop from the train. So it was easy to find it.

The entrance was like this.

This shop is a branch of one of the most famous ramen shops in Ikebukuro. The owner seemed to work at the shop to train how to make great bowls of ramen.

On my expectation and the renown of some advertisements, it was delicious.

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Caffe Delizia

Today I went to Saitama-shintoshin. First I had no intention to get off the station. But when I saw the Saitama Super Arena from the train, I bursted out feeling like getting off there. So I started to take a look around the Saitama-shintoshin.

Well, I struck upou the cafe in John Lenon Musium. But it had no longer disappeared there. I was really disapointed at the fact that I noticed. So I diverted the direction to the Cocoon in the westside of the station. There were some cafe shops in the Cocoon.

The photo of the cafe is the below.

It has some open telaces. But unfortunately it doesn't have the scenic places outsides.

I did spend an hour reading a book there. Because It bursted out raining at that time, I went back to my home.
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