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Hej. Today I was preparing for the apply for the grad school, get the information and introduction of the grad school. So I visited a post office to buy a stamp and envelope, and fill in some documents, zip code, and adress to the envelope.

At the time of the middle of a day, I tried to find a restaurant for lunch nearest to my home with internet. Then I got an information at a second of clicking some pages. It takes only 5min to get there by bike.

The restaurant serves as western-Japanese dishes to visitors. It is easier to access to the restaurant because there are a couple of spaces of parking. The house is simple, but very cute and lovey like a Scandinavian establishment.


I placed an order to かにクリームコロッケ, which is a krokket including a cream sauce and a minched crab. サイズ変更ウィザード-1la3

Seeing to the objective comment on the web of yahoo, the popularity is not so good because there is unpreferable place for smoking, though I like there, for I do not smoke at all, I think that that's unbelievable to smoke over a lunch.

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新宿 中村屋 Olive House

Today PARCO is more crowded than on ordinaly days, especially Tuesday. By the way, do you know the meaning of "PARCO". For that matter by one paper, PARCO seems to mean "a park" in Italian. The name of PARCO stems from the meaning that many people would gather in one place like a park on holiday. That's a big discovery!!

As I read it to know about the meaning in the course of a rest, the rest is not so long time. The more corowded there got, the more strongly I felt it a short time.

After I sold a boot out to the last customer for me, I staired up to the fifth floor to have a dinner alone. Today my mom will seem to go out to meet with her friends about the party of the next year coming.

Where I went is the below.

There was where I wanted to go before. They have a fame of a good taste of a curry and オムライス. So I tried to have the latter this time.

At a first time, you can seem that it is a beef stew, not a オムライス. But This dish is collaboration of both of them!! Cool menu! I love both.
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尾道ラーメン 麺一筋 水道橋西口店

I mean business to work for going to a grad school to study up on my subject. Today I was on the go to sell shoes out. At present I am working for the percentage of my sale very seriously. Actually my score of a sale average out on the chart. It is peping up for the sake of the appearance. But on another point, in regarding to my study, It matters whether I could finish up topping off my thesis for an exam of a grad school in due time. In reality, if I contradict my mind into quiping to take the Kyoto Univ's test, it would be very resured in my mind because the deadline would prolong by the end of Jan, as all I need to do is to send the thesis in an another univ.

But I think, if I gave up doing that, I would regret myself. So I would do my best in the remained time as much as possible.

For the purpose of that, first of all, I needed to hand my rent books back to the library of the Nihon Univ, which I graduated from. Before I borrowed them back, I tried to excuse whether I could borrow one of them again to the officer. fortunetely I could succeed in borrowing it again because no reserved for it before me.

My today's work was over. What a relief I could keep my some document for the thesis. So I felt like eating something for dinner.

Where I went is the below.


This shop is very famous in Tokyo because many media such as magazines, gaurmet guide books, and rumor of some actors, introduce it to us. in the proof of that, you can check some pics on the wall when you visit there.

I placed an order to the つけ麺, which is ordinary for me, going and ordering something.

It was quite good, however, I prefer the previous つけ麺 to this.
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ラーメン 山岡屋


The shop was established 4 or 5 years ago. We can smell the savor of the fat of soup when we walked around the shop. In a sense, some people may be unable to bear the smell. Because the smell was enough strong to hate the ramen. Actually, I do not like the smell. It is not a good smell, but pollution for me.


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つけ麺 秀 自家製麺

Well, I have heard of the rumor there is a delicious ramen shop since before. I tried to go there with that rumor in order to check up on whether it is true or not.

The shop is very near my home. On the way of going to the univ, I dropped in at lunch. There were quite many people who know the rumor and come in many times. Of course, I have visited it for the first time. I placed an order on つけ麺, which is most popular among the people.


The つけ麺 is the below.

This dipping soup is based on soi sauce, and some ingridients. it was a little deep taste of soi sauce. But it is so just mild and suitable for the noodle for us that I could not stop my chopsticks. I became to like one of the most favorite ramen.

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栞 堂 (しおりどう)


There is a shop which serves ハヤシライス and some lunch menu only at lunch notwithstanding a bar. I tried to go there in the very short time of my rest, as the location was a little far from my office. In effect, I checked up on th e shop as a ramen shop. But in reality that I went there, the price of the ramen was quite so expensive for me that I would enbarraced paying for it. I ended up changing my lunch menu, which is cheaper one.


Unfortunately I could not feel tasty, having bumped into the delicious one before at Suidobashi. But it was one something special. Rice was not plain, but 5-sorts rice in service. This was eclectic between Oriental and Western cuicines.

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Going in the path near the Urawa station, you can find the shop "かめ福". I caught the information of that on the website and some magazines. This shop is famous for 五目ワンタン麺.


When I went there, to my surprise, I found that most of visitors are women workers. Actually the shop had something of good mood for female, not male. In addition, the master seemed very gentle, his words oozing out genteelness. So I can reccommend to women, they resisting enter any ramen shops alone and tend to reflect on the prejudice to ramen, which is a food for male.


It was quite large quantity. But a woman who seated next to me placed an order to larger ramen than mine. It was amazing, however, it would be there that she could order it without any hesitation.

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とんかつ とんつく

Long time no see!

At present I am very very very busy doing a part-time job and reading a book of Walerstein, who studied in on Wolrd System studies in America. Deciding to take an examination of grad school in Japan, I have been working at the store and exercising English for the exam in earnest. In reality it might be difficult to pass the examination, but I tried out for the great destiny, feeling on the edge.

So it was very late for uploading the article of the gaurmet report.

I found one Tonkatsu shop, which was refer to by one channel and got popularity among the near city.

The pic of the shop is the below.

I have visited there in another day, however, it shut down on a shop holiday. So It was the second try. it was opened, as I checked before I visit there in the course of a rest of the work.

It is famous for Hasami Tonkatsu, which is a sandwitching between pork and some special foods, such as cheese, pineapple, and so on. You can check on the website.


I think you can enjoy it. And the sauce is a little different in comparison with another shops, which is brended in on black clanched sesami. You have a value to have it once.

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