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I was working at the same place. Few people came there because of bad weather.

At the lunch time, I went out from the PARCO toward westside of the Urawa station to have lunch and buy a paper for fax. I dealt with the latter mission first, and I went around the SAKURAYA to find as reasonable a restaurant as I could. But I went to any restaurant around there, I went more to the west to fish for a new restaurant or a cafe which has a lunch menu.

A half of my rest has passed during walking around, which made me enbarassed so much. However, I found, at last, one cafe near the City hall.

I went in and order a menu in a hurry.


Where I went was a cafe shop, which seems to serve a good coffee and tea to us, however, a great hayashi rice server, as well.

It was exactly delicious. This is my secret reconmmendation of restaurants.
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Today is Wednesday, when I usually go to the office, not school. Of course, I went there to get an advice for the exam of the grad school from the professor.

He has something to give person a power of doing so much that I usually go to his office when I am beset by hardship of my daily life and future life. And I would like to know how to take the interview's answer formally today.

After that, I had a lunch at Suidobashi. I went to the below.

The shop has been established for 25 years and seen as a great retroshop in Suidobashi. In rumors by people it seems that the shop is offered by broadcast sometimes. But the master do not accept the offer because he could not maintain the taste if many people come there.

I placed an order to the below.

This curry rice was very cheap, only 500 yen!! Menu is from 450 yen. That's why many people come there in lunch time and it's very reasonable for students of Nihon Univ.
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During this month I have worked a lot at the PARCO without any excuses. I think myself to be a good worker, though I bragged myself so much. That's why I got a lot of property from the work.

At the one day of those I felt like having lunch at the famous restaurant, which many people introduced in the mixi. The restaurant is the below.

The shop is located behind SAKURAYA, the shop of electrocity, on foot of 5 min from the station.

It can change into a bar at night, as it serves the special omulets as same as at lunch. That's why there are many bottles of alcohols because of a bar. And there are some special choices of lunch menu, such as lovely soft omulet, omulet with demigrace sauce and so on, as well.

I chose the below.

It was such a soft egg that my tongue would dance with pleasure, what is more, the taste of fried rice in the omulet was great.
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つけめん ばんえい

I went to Shinjuku to send an apply for the grad school. I found we can send on anytime on the web, I had to go there, for there are no places where I could not send near my house, It was very exhausted that I had been to the center of Tokyo since 2 weeks ago and I had walked around the Shinjuku ward, such as the westside, eastside, southside of the Shinjuku station,

For a while I had walked around toward Yoyogi unconsciously, without any consideration to the destination. But walking around without any dependence, It was by chance that I found out a ramen shop, which is the below.

It seemed to be reported by one magazine publisher according to popular ramen shops, which I could figure out when I saw the sign outsides.


I placed an order to a plain つけめん.

There had no special toppings, but simple in the good meaning that I liked such the つけ麺. If you like, you can sort out whichever you put for the ramen in the ticket machine.

It was as worthwhile to have as introduced to Japan through magazines.
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Chelsea Cafe

At last I went there to have a lunch, for I could not push out my mind to go there because of the high price of any menus, even lunch menus. But I heard of good information that I could use a discount service of enployee for them. That's great treatment!! That's why I went there. If not, I would not, parhaps. In fact it was very remarkable for me before I started to work.


This dish is a pasta which includes gorgonzolla-cheese and fresh tomato. Quite good, I think. It seemed to be as quite same a taste as a dish of salad. I went on Tuesday, though some people aimed for a cafe and a lunch as 50/50.


At night, it changes into a British-styled bar, as a proof that there were many liquiles of Western alcohols.
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I had a first baccharanian of this year together with my coleague of my work. My boss told us let's have a party when new year comes in the time of last party. He loves a party very much, in other words, is a party man. I had to go out to Urawa in spite that I had a holiday in that time and it was very cold outsides. Indeed I didn't feel like going out for such reasons. But I supposed the party as one of my work, I went there very reluctantly, on the other hand, I have had a 焼肉 since I came back from Sweden so that I was a little joyful concealingly.

The place is the below, which is very near the east gate of the Urawa station, which has the building of PARCO.

The owner and waiters were Korean or Chinese, whom I could distinguish that were a foreigner. I looked forward to a true yakiniku of Korea secretly.

This is a 七輪, which is used when we usually grilled to some foods such as fish, meat, and seafoods outsides.


There were quite many kinds of meat dishes on menu. So you can sort out in detail and gaurmetly. Kimchi was also very delicious.

Over those dishes, we talked a lot about many things, such as mainly the topic of works and the time of the opening of the shop.
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南欧田舎料理とお酒のお店 タパス

I felt like having pasta, for I have not had a pasta since I came back to Japan on account of not cooking by myself.

So I went out to Omiya and walked down to path.

Then I passed by one Southern European food restaurant I came across.

I was tempted to the name of "Southern European Restaurant"which means 南欧料理 in Japanese.

I presumed I would like to eat a dish of a special pasta, though I changed my mind, I placed an order to pizza, I don't know why.


Well, the pizza was so thin that it was quite hard to have broken-easily. But It was tasty. Another menus seems to be delicious, as I saw an another dishes of the other.

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つけ麺 ちょうなん

A Happy New Year!! New year comes again.

I have tried to write down the reports of gaurmet during the previous year, I will continue to do that unstoppingly this year.

In the course of the first 3 days of this month, which is called "三が日"in Japanese, I worked out during 2 days of those days very very hard in the bargain.
You know that in that time many department stores usually begin to sell the special bags, which we can not found out what it is in until we open, so that many people gather there to buy and compete as good as they can get the best bag. So many people also came to our shop as well, though we didn't prepare for the special bags but pricing off 30%.

After those days, I devoted myself to studying in on my major at last, I managed to top off my thesis.

So I went to the office to submit to my professor to improve the paper sparing my pastime. But he was taking a lecture when I arrived at the station, I just assumed, I tried to go to the lecture, though I forgot where the lecture opened, eventually I could not find where. So I had a hunger, pared along the street, and tried to find where I can have late lunch.

Looking at the sign, I entered the shop below.


In reality, there is an another ramen shop in opposite to the shop, which has a lot of visitor, but Not did have where I opened a popularity like the opposite shop, where many people made a long que in front of the shop.

Anyway I bought a ticket of ramen and ordered what I wanted.

It was not so bad, however, strictly speaking, it put a little much of pepper. the taste was seemed to be deviced seeing that one sign on the table explained how the ramen is, though all the great ingredients in the ramen disharmonized the pepper, that it was quite spicy.

Maybe I think I would not go there any more.
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