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「とり五鐵」 is a branch of the famous restaurant 「玉ひで」, which is in Tokyo. I have visited both of them before. This was a second visit to 「とり五鐵」. The first visit there is the when I enbarked the Aichi Prefecture for the EXPO in 2005 with my friends. I left a mervelously seasoned taste in my memory.

This time I visited there with a firend of mine from Sweden, who is very nice guy and took care of me when I stayed in Sweden. This is my turn to escourt around the Nagoya city for him.

We were really satisfied with the 親子丼.
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Today, Having finished every classes on Wednesday and enptied my schedule all at a sudden, I became free until the birthday party for my friend begins. I have 6 hours free. But I forgot to have lunch. So I downed the street and visited the shop where I was showed one ramen shop by my firend.


I tried to go there some times before. But unfortunately the shop had closed absolutely when I went there. I missed the timing of the shop.

I had heard from being つけ麺 in this shop. But the ramen is not same as what I imagined, which is the Tokyo-styled つけ麺. This is called 油めん.


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Come back again

Long time no see!

Well, I could not write any artcles until today because of various tasks. Maybe about 4months havs passed since I reported previous one. First I have to tell him a thing, though, no one see this blog, I suppose. I moved from Tokyo to Nagoya, and now belong to the Nagoya University, the Master program of International Linguistics and culture, where I study, of course, Englisg, the only language I can use as a foreign language, and something connected with cultures, such as, the genesis of the altarcation between liberalism and radicals. Anyway my life changed a little. Needless to say, the albert at the Regal also was resigned very sarrowfully, and at the last day my couleagues gave me a shoetree,which is a wooden keeper for shapening shoes. I have really appreciated them to work together and earn much money for enrolling the univ.

After moving to Nagoya, My life was, what is more, changing before working there. My introductive professor, which is my boss, was a genteel and warm-hearty one, but quite severe to the accademics. I re-wrote a reserch project more than twice. So It is so hard that I woander whethre my final thesis would be finished with content or not. All I have to do is to do my best. I had devoted myself to getting a scholorship for living in Nagoya until recently.

So, on account of many reson, I could not spare the time opeining the account here. But presentations in the former semester would be almost completed, taking a food report again.

Thank you.

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東京らーめん えいふく町

I attempted to go out of the Aichi Prefecture by bus to go shopping at the big shopping mole. When I came back to the Nagoya station, I was very exhausted with hunger. At that day, it was not enough animated to cook something for dinner. I walked very tiredly in the Nagoya station to find somewhere to have dinner with cheap price except for a junkfood like McDonard.

Eventually I made a line by the shop which seemed to be crowded with popularity somehow. That shop appeared to be from Tokyo, which is the most competent area of Ramen shops in Japan.



But the quantity of the noodle was a pityfully small deal.
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