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くりの木 いな

On the second day, I was boring. Though I was going to take the exam, i could not do so because of forgetting my passport. I was very stupid, I supposed. But I thought positively that I have no good relation to England. I have experienced another concerns to England. When I went to England with one girl, who is not decent and suitable to me, I had a disastrous experience. First it was heavily rainny at that visit. So I could not go around many places. second, she and I seperated each other on the second day of the trip, and I was unsatisfied with my trip. The last thing was problem of market price. It was crazily high. So I could not go shopping better than I expected. I would like to go and live there, but England does not seem to permit me to do so. That's why I could not take the exam again this time.

So today was very boring. But I do not want to make the day terrible because I went here far from Nagoya.

I planned to go to REGAL to get my ordered shoes. However, I got hungry before going there. I need some food to my stomach. I thought where I could be full of it. Then I remembered one shop, くりの木, which is very famous in the rumor of the web. Many people in Ageo appeared to know the shop in the survey. my mother knew it, as well.

Pallareling to many rumors, it was very crowded enough to make a que to have lunch there. I was also one of them. I waited for about ten minutes. After waiting, I entered the shop and ordered the main dish. It seemed to be nearly new.
Nagoya 006 kurinoki

This main fame was 平打ち麺.
Nagoya 007 kurinoki

It was like a Udon. I doubted whether it could be really tasty. I carried the noodle to my mouth. It was not good as many rumors of good taste. It was not easy to eat the noodle because it was too long to use chopsticks adroitly and chop with my mouth. The soup is too Katsuo-taste one.
But I don't always say that it was bad. My tongue didn't match the ramen.
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Maruzen Cafe

Arriving at the Tokyo station, I walked to the Daimaru building to find the shop for something to eat
at lunch. There was traffic jam at that time that my lunch was delayed a little. Walking around the building, there were no place to have lunch with reasonable price. So I get out of that and went toward Nihonbashi. Then I could find the book store of Maruzen, which has imported books and many franchised branches, including one of them in Nagoya.

In the store, it had a cafe shop on the floor 3.
Nagoya 004 maruzen

I tried to enter and intended to have Hayashi-rice. Mood of the shop seemed elegant. It was not like a casual cafe shop, but a postmodern one. The shop appeared to be famous as the genesis of Hayashi-rice. I didn't know the fact that Hayashi-rice was invented by Yuteki Hayashi, who was also the establisher of Maruzen, until I went into the shop. I was more interested in the Hayashi-rice getting the knowledge from the booklet put on the entrance.

Nagoya 003 maruzen
Looks very nice!

should be tasty!

I 've tasted it.


That's all!
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I came back to saitama yesterday. I got tired to takeing a bus for a long time. I was back to take an exam of IELTS. But I forgot to bring my passport, which is an item for identfying myself in the test. I tried to ask whether I can take without it or not by phone. But the officer told me that without it I could not be permitted to take the exam. It was a crucial blunder. But I have a lot of another things to do in Tokyo, such as to buy shoes, to consult a professor, and to meet friends. I am quite busy.

On the way of Tokyo, I dropped in on 2 PAs, the Hamanako PA and the Ebina PA. The former had Donatello's shop. It is getting famous as a healthy ice cream shop.

I found one strange menu. Eel taste!!
Nagoya 001 donatello

I tried to eat it. But it was not so good that I had a stomachache or something after leaving the PA. I should have chosen a plain taste of some ice cream.
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キッチン 欧味

Finishing my main tasks, I have to start something again. I have a lot of things to do, in fact. But I don't feel so good that I don't do anything except my study for IELTS. The test will be held within this week. I need to get a good mark for the exam of exchange student. But I boasted of my previous score which I got about 2 years ago and I'll submit the score to the office. But I have some problems and unrests for that thing. I'll tell you the fact next time.

Fall is coming in Nagoya. Breeze is getting a little cooler than before. That's suitable season to me. I love it very much because it can feel me do anything. In that time, I had beset which I should have lunch better, at home or outside, if do outside, where I should have lunch. But I went out without any reasons. First I tried to find the Gyoza shop around my house because it is cheaper than another. After determining where I'll go, I rushed out by bike. I found and found the shop over and over again. But I could not do that. It must be shut down around this year. So I gave up having Gyoza and re-tried to find another shop for lunch. I went toward Fukiage, which is next to Kakuozan. I have just remembered where I serched in advance before. I rushed out the shop again.

The shop is the below. Some people made a que for lunch there.
キッチン 欧味 002 oumi

One waitress came up to me to ask what I order. she was so kind to me that I also feel beter. I love people of politeness. Entering the shop, it was full of many people. The shop would be famous among the local and the rumor that it would be tasty and confortable to meal.


Quite good!! I will go there next time again.
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Today is the day when I have to work in Fujigaoka for the student. He is inferior to an ordinary student about English, I think. So I need to teach him English. But his family is so rich that I could earn much money per an hour and get some snacks in the interim of his study. That's great job! I can not easily quip this work.

After my working, I went out to the station to get back my home. But I didn't feel like cooking anymore in my room with my fatigue, so I started to find where I can have dinner. One shop striking to my mind, I tried to find where it was with my remembering the map in the web. My clear memory enable me to reach the shop. That ithe below.
洋食のことことや 002 kotoko

The shop was a little small in the block. Seen from the shop outsides, many of customers were couples. I was hegitating in entering alone, a little. But anyway I tried to go into the shop. one seem-to-be owner said to me, "Please seat yourself, there" But I could not find where she pointed to me that I was beset myself. But the owner was not friendly to me. I was reluctantly taking my seat somewhere and order what I decided outsides.

Many menus were written in the book. But set menu was so complicated that I had difficulty understanding what was what. In addition to that thing, It was not easy to read because of its unclearness.

The Omu-rice I ordered.
洋食のことことや 001 kotokoto

It was a very small om-rice. That's was unbelievable. I supposed that the cost performance was terrible. Demi-sauce was almost kind of my mother's one. So not so fresh omu-rice for me. 

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名代とんかつ たいら

Yesterday My comrade informed me that he would move to new place for work next month. I was very surprised at the info and it seemed his work was very hard and he was also tired. Social workers work very hard. We grad school students also work very hard, I hope to be seen by them.

Today I had some tasks and went out for them. But it was sunny and rainy intermittedly. So I did not wanna go out as remotely as possible. So I quipped going to my univ, cashed in the bill for the bus and went to Imaike for lunch.

とんかつ たいら 007 taira

It was very Japanese common cafeteria for workers. But I love such a shop. There were a madam, a master and his son in the shop. Master had just cooked lunches for many people. It was very crowded so much I could not take a seat. But soon I could do that and placed an order to what I wanted to have. I chose the menu from the black board which menus were written on.

The below was what I ordered.
とんかつ たいら 001 taira

This shop is famous as Yaki-Tonkatsu (fried Tonkatsu). It was like a katsu-retsu, which is one of western-Japanese foods. It was not so oily that I could be likely to be fond of the katsu. But sidedish was not so good. That was spagetti with sauce based on curry. The deep-boild ladish es with dashi were not hot, as well. If another food would be better, everything would be great!

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Today was the day of the meeting. I made a speech in my university for the first time. But my speech was so terrible that my professor reproached my speach very severely. my vice professor also criticized mine in addition to his comment. But I wanna excuse a little. First, the DJ stopped me speeching in a middle. I thought that' no problem that my available time could be over a little. Because of his stop call, My tention was getting more terrible and more terrible. Eventually, I could not make a speech to what I wanted to say, which was only about 60%, with much exasperation.

After the meeting, I went to the office to talk about today's meeting with my professor. I cried and creid for a while, for I began to think whether quiping out my univ or not. I was told the truth that you should make up my mind what I want to write, otherwise change the topic or concentrate on the either topic, fashion or world economy system. But I could not determine which the topic should be digged up in detail. My master desertation could not perfect without the combination of them. Most of the professors would not recognized I had better try to write the thesis of my way. But only my professor agreed with my statement, criticizing me. I was a little glad that I found out his thought and he took some advice to me.

After the talk, we went drinking somewhere. We all were completely depressed, for my firends also were found fault with by professors. Anyway All we could do is to drink and forget today's things. We went to 萬鳥商店, which is located in Motoyama. You can find it along the Yotsuya Street.

This is one of our most favorite dishes. Main dishes in the shop is something to cook chicken.
萬鳥商店 002 tori

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台湾料理 味仙

This is the second time I dined out today. I had a curry outsides at lunch. I don't feel like cooking after going back home. Because I wrote some paper, prepared for the meeting, and worked very hard. So I found somewhere to eat something. Before, I tried to check some shops around Hujigaoka and I remembered some place that I would like to go. But one of them seemed to be a shop for a couple and I gave up going in it. So I went another shop near there.
かるだもん 005 misene

This is a Taiwan ramen shop. Nagoya has a lot of Tiwan ramen shops in spite of not deriving from any concerns with Taiwan. I have never had the ramen beofre and feel like trying it. it is said to be very hot to make a red mouth with hotness of the ramen.

かるだもん 004 misen
A bowl of the ramen is quite small but seemed to be very hot filled with much hot smell and many condiment. I treid it with shopsticks. then TOO HOT.... I could not eat it very fast and eat out the soup. This can not be became as one of my favorite foods.
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Today was 2 days before having speech in the meeting. But I do not change my banal life at all. That's the same as usual. I got up late in the morning like yesterday, had no breakfast, went to school by bike, studied English for some test, read a book, worked for money and go back home. That's monotonus reacently. But I love such a day.

I, however, went out to one shop which is famous as a mild curry. It was located in the district of Yagoto. But the shop was difficult to be found, because it had no remarkable sign for us and its entrance has a lot of weed like hiding the shop. It was not like a food shop but a house.
かるだもん 003 karu

But its mood seemed to be something good. Anyway I went into the shop. In the shop it was tidy so much that visitor could be fond of the space. The smell of curry was filled with the room fully. I liked the characteristic smell. I placed an order to chicken curry. While waiting for my order, a master served a dish of salad. It was pretty good except for tomato, which is not fond of myself. After a while, what I ordered came. It is like that.
かるだもん 001 karu

かるだもん 002 karu

Tarmeric rice came and I was surprised at that. Because most of curry shops serve as a nan, which is kind of bread for curry. But here was a dish of rice. That's not common in my experience. However, without chattering, I tried to have it. That's not hot so much that it would be made for Japanese. It was bland to taste the curry. But I would like to have much hotter one. It was less hot than I had expected. But many people think it is cool.
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I went to the shop たこ八 to have lunch today. When I sometimes walked along the street to the Kakuozan station, I have seen the shop before. There are many tasty restaurants around the shrine street. Hiraki, served the delicious western-Japanese foods, and Eikoku-ya, famous as a curry shop and so on. So to speak, it is one of the Gaurmet Streets in Nagoya. The shop is located in the street.

たこ八 003 tako

If I say with blandishment, I cannot say that it is very decorated shop. Some people might be a backward shop. But I love such a retro shop, which remind us of the taste of Showa era. I prefer to have lunch such s shop rather than a enbellished shop, such as an Italian restaurants or French restaurants. It is Japan-wide as a don of どてめし, which is a rice put on a very boiled-soft beef.
たこ八 002 tako
When I tried to taste the don, I applauded it in my heart and would like to shout out"That's worth as applause!!!" I have never eaten such a soft すじ肉 since ever. So I encounted to the menu which I looked for at last. That's B rank gaurmet!!!
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チャーシューメンのお店 太陽

I have been aware of the shop since when I saw the rumor in the web. It was located near my home. It seemed to be famous as a チャーシュー麺, a ramen put with many slices of beef. So I tried to go there by bike.
チャーシューメンの店 太陽 002 tai
It was not the time when many people started to have dinner. But it turned five o'clock. There is only me in the shop at that time. I have no idea how system was, so I was embarassed a little. While I was eating what I ordered, He started to talk to me. His first saying, "What will you do after taking the picture?" I thought me to be scolded first. But he was just interested in doing that.

チャーシューメンの店 太陽 001 tai

That was quite good, but a little bit too mild for me. We talked about the shop and ramen for a while. He told me that The shop have been opened for 6 years. it is a new shop around Motoyama. He had trained how to make ramen for 7 years and at last could open his own shop. He also told me that the training period was not brisk but very severe. but thanks to enduring the period, he could succeed in being as a master. That time made his days. That's good story.

I have a dream, too. After retiring my job in the earlier time, I would hope to opne my own shop for lunch or cafe like him some day.
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That day was the deadline for submitting the paper for the meeting of the next week. So I had to go to the lab to hand it out on the time. In fact I was waiting for my professor's refurbishment to my paper, seeming to forget that today was deadline maybe. So I had honded out what I had. That's no problem. All I have to do is to add the plus statement at the meeting.

Some couleagues were met at the lab. I was very glad to see them again with their fineness. Of course I was happy to see a would-be-a-my-girl one. Well, we were talking about summer vacation, the progress of our study, and private things. Quite a long time. After a long talking, some guys had to go out somewhere, She and I going out to dine out somewhere. We started to walk to somewhere else. We were a stranger in this district, not knowing where to go. So we walked and walked around Motoyama with lovely talking. After a while, we found where we may go. But we go through the shop and found another. But eventually we entered the first one. It was a restaurant of western-Japanese food. I loved omu-rice so much I was really participating it would be cool one!

ふらいぱん 001 fu

The stiffness of the egg was just so tasted that I would not forget the omu-rice. it became one of the most favorite omu-rices that I have ever had. I was also leading a lovely time with her, too. My happy life came back now. Now is my time. Perfect!!
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Porter Grill Stake House

I came back to Nagoya at the begining o September. The day was the same as that of Fukuda's resign to the prime minister. I would like to watch the news right now then, BUt I could not do so because somehing is wrong my tuner for television system in my PC. Though I said like affraidly, My life is not changing so much. That's like that in the world.

After coming back to Nagoya, I have been busy very much. So I have many times to go out, including dining out to some places. I had a shop for lunch selected by the web before. So I tried to go there at lunch. The shop's main dish is a stake. They had a good reputation in some magazines. I have seen it in last magazine.
kk 006 gri

The shop has a moody space, but it was a little dark like a dinner restaurant or a snack. I was looking forward to what I can eat. But what put on in front of me was chopsticks. Maybe I would use it and eat what I ordered. There were no fork and knife in front of me. That's strange when I eat a stake or any western food. But Anyway I waited for the lunch and intend to complain about something after coming. The below is What I placed an order.
kk 004 gri

The taste of that was pretty good. I felt that it was as worthwhile as the price or more. Anyway, we may be unable to have it in noon by that low price. But I had a problem. The problem was that I had difficulty tsting it with chopsticks. I was right thing that just I thought. I needed them, fork and knife. Because when I had a baked egg, the egg had to be broken by the chopsticks. But it was beyond my description. The egg was so half-baked that it would burst more than I participated. So it was flowing on the dish. It was a disaster except the taste.
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