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I was late for working a little on account of my lecture's late. And what was worse, we will have to gather one another to prepare for the presentation on 29th Jan next year. So I needed to decide where we will be able to gather each other first. That's why I lost my time and led to my lateness. But my office was only 4 minutes walk from the station. So I can afford to go there with soft mind a little.

After working, I also needed to prepare for another presentation on the next day. So I didn't have time to cook dinner by myself, and my money substituted my time to cook to convenient one. I dined out near my office. However I passed the shop through the street every time, I have never entered the shop.

有楽亭 002 yuu

I had a fried rice with sliced crab.
有楽亭 001 yuu

That's common one. Some business men who come to hometown very tired came there. I came home very tired and embrrassedly.
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Today was Wednesday, which has a class of my instructive professor at 10:30. It was getting colder and colder during the morning and evening. At the same time, the leaves of the trees are truning red or yellow. That's the time when fall came and change into winter. I like that season. I drove the street near my house by my bike to find sone shop to have lunch. When I went out home, I forgot to serch for where I would go to have lunch on the web and couldn't help finding it by myself. Then I hinted about one shop. That's the below.

Everest 003 ev

Some blogs showed me that there was the shop which has been opened recently. Not filtrating the new shop to the local, no one was in the shop except me in spite of lunch time. Anyway It was enough silent to sit still. I placed an order to one curry from the menu.

It was very simple. I ordered a plate of chiken curry and nan.
Everest 001 eve

Everest 002 ever

The taste was quite mild, fittable to taste for the Japanese. But I got a lot of sweat so much that I wiped out my sweat by napkin. A waiter served it to me with her hospitality. It was so quite effective a spice as I sweated. But it doesn't mean that the curry was too hot to eat.
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とんかつ すず家

I'm very absurbed in going around some places to have lunch or dinner in Nagoya. Nagoya is aboundant in many restaurants which serve delicious dishes. So my taste will be getting adepter and adepter. Great!

Today I taught English to one student who one customer had me introduce to Issha. I could get much money from teaching a poor English. It was like fraudlence. But The money could enable me to succeed in my project and daily life. I have to appreciate the student and his parents, and do my best all my life.

I spent a little money from the bounus having lunch at Sakae. First, I tried to visit another shop I have thought to go before. But many people make a long que in lunch time, which made me leave for another place. Then I walk toward Osu, which is very near Sakae. The walking led me to get to one shop.

すずや 003 suzu

すずや 002 suzu

Info in the web showed me that the shop has a very long history since the mid of Showa era. That's an old-established restaurant. This shop also made a que of many people. It was very crowded. But one waiter showed me such a kind behavior that I was also content with it.

すずや 001 suzu
That's a quite good Tonkatsu. It was fried enough deeply but mildly to eat.
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I failed to get up early again. I seemed to weaken my volation to get up on the time I decided. Actually I could do so at 5:00, however, I intended to take a nap for 5 minutes and my sleepness would getting deeper and deeper. It's my short-coming.

So I went to school to take a lecture on the edge of starting time. It was finished at 2:30 and went to the shop to buy my lunch with my girlfriend. That's a real campus life. I really enjoy myself in the time. I'm very happy.

We were back to the lab and spent much time chattering with each other. Then my friend came there from her class and came in the talk, too. we spent more time doing so. We love chattering. From the talking, we determined to go to the Korean food shop to have dinner.

つぼ 003tubo

But the waiter's behavior was not so good. Very rough. I don't like him.

But Bibinpa was very tasty.
つぼ 001 tubo
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retrocalm cafe

I failed to get up on the time early in the morning. But i could manage to do at 7:00 and do most of what I decided yesterday. That wake brought me to the best condition to study. I tried to go to the cafe where it introduces breakfast special, which is モーニング in Japanese, in Nagoya. First I felt like overcoming the area of Motoyama and Kakuozan.

The first taget was the below.
retrocalm cafe 002 ret
It is located near Nagoya univ. It seemed to be famous among the people in the local. Some school magazines advertised the shop with some discount credits. I looked for the shop by bike and serched for the info on the web in advance.

I had a breakfast special there and studied my exercise of English for an hour. Some customers came there over a cup of coffee. They seemed to be elegant like celeblities in Europe. I felt like doing so, too.

retrocalm cafe 001 ret
That's simple. There were a piece of black bread and a mashed egg with some mayonaise put in the small dish.
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I had a lot of what I did today. First of all, I went to the cafe as I wrote the report, and I left the shop and went to class of my prof. It should be started around 10:30 but I could manage to be in time for the class. After the class, I had a snack a little and began to study English grammer for TOEFL. My English grammer should be getting better and better although my choice of words is banal. I'll do my best to continue to doing so. Around 3 o'clock, I met my tutor from China to rectify her report for discussion or something. Her ability of Japanese was quite refined one that I have ever instructed. But eventually we spent 2 hours talking about the manuscript in the center. Then I got back to my office to bring some books, but I dropped in the office again to talk with my friend. Talk with her was quite endless. Eventually we spent 3 hours doing so taking seats each other. There were much useless time in that day. I have to turn back myself.

That's why it was nearly 9:00 p.m. I needed to have dinner, but I didn't want to cook again because I have been lazy recently. So I need to find where I will have it by bike near the Motoyama area. Then I could run across one shop advertently.

It was the below. It advertised that the shop has started since this September.
ALOHA CAFE 006 masara

I could barely go into the shop in the opein time. I ordered something as soon as possible. But it was about 100 yen more costly than another. All I could do was pray more delicious dish here than another.

It was a nan and curry here.
ALOHA CAFE 005 masara

ALOHA CAFE 004 masara

ALOHA CAFE 003 masara

It was quite good. It was unbelievable that there were no one except me in the shop, though it might be the reason why it was quite late and cold at that day. I like the curry. The master was a little talkative.
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Recently I make it a rule to get up at 5:00, clean my room after getting up, and prepare for what I have to do after these things. Thanks to getting up early, I can gain time to study and my daily life is getting more useful and more useful. What is more, I can get time to have morning-styled breakfast at some shops. I went to one shop near my house where i could get its info from the web.

ALOHA CAFE 002 alo

It opens from 7:30 to 19:00. That's very early open. And the room was so cute and confortable that the room made me come again as a repeater. I ordered a cup of tea and waited for the morning-styled breakfast with my big expectation. Then it was come to me for a while.

ALOHA CAFE 001 alo

There are many dishes on a plate, such as a toast of bread, boild egg with a salad, yogult with orange peel jam, and mush potato. The comprise of menus seems to change another a week.

Nice !
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For You 本山店

I absented myself to one class today for I had to do assignment for next Friday presentation. But eventually It was likely tha I could not finish it, I 'll change what I read and make a presentation for. That's why I stayed in my house all the day. But I could get up with my considerable will, I prefered going somewhere to staying.

I'll dine out again with successiveness to yesterday. I tried to go to Imaike area at first. But what I wanted to go was closed on regular holiday, and I went to another. However, the place where I went seond was also closed on the accidencial holiday for training. How unfortunate it was! So I went toward Kawana to find somewhere to eat out. But I could not find anywhere, for I didn't know the area refinely. Eventually I went back toward where I live and tried to enter one shop alone with my courage.
for you 002 fo

There were many people who will have dinner there. But it was lucky that I could take a seat without waiting. The menu showed me many menus of omlet with seasoned fried rice. They were very unique ones.

I tried the below.
for you 001 fo

Taste quite good!
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Well, I had three lectures today. One lecture was a class for translation, another was a class for Japanese diplomacy, the other was a class for Fucault. Of all the classes we had to make a statement to the question more than once. I could achieve the rule any classes. After the classes, I went toward the house where I work every Monday to teach English to my student. It was very hard to teach him English because he didn't review what we did last week and learnt by heart. Now I am beset to the problem. But I could earn money with such a little power of my mind. That's good aim for me.

After working at the house, I went back to the Univ, in which I had parked and got back my bike. Then I felt hungry so much that I didn't want to cook anything at home. So I made up mind dining out somewhere near the Motoyama Station. But I didn't know anywhere else. I passed along the street by bike at very high speed. Then one shop could come in my eyes. It was a ramen shop very near the station.
名古屋大学 006 taihei

It was like 一番, which is a ramen shop near my house in Saitama. That's a common ramen shop.

名古屋大学 005 taihei
That's also not special.
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In Nagoya University, Hokkaido fair has been being held in all the cafeterias now. There are some Hokkaido foods, such as a Don of slices of salmon, based on fish. Though I would like to go tasting at the cafeteria, I could go there for I was very busy doing my acumulative tasks. It was also unlucky that when I were free and tried to go there for the menu, it was closed out of working time. But at last I could have an opportunity to go there.

名古屋大学 001 meidai

I tried to eat it. But...... I would acknoeledge it was very cheap, however, I could not that it was tasty. I could eat more delicious one than it where is outside Nagoya Univ.
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I could finish working at Kurokawa faster than usual. I wrote the report for lecture like a carte of a doctor. I wanted to go as soon as I could, because I don't like the atmosphere. So it was very smooth to do anything on that day. So I also wanted to eat something near the station, for I didn't feel like cooking in my house on account of my excessive fatigue. I found one shop remembering the info in the web. Walking around the Kurokawa station about 15 minutes, I could get there at last. It was difficult to look for the shop.

鯱乃屋 002 syati

It seemed that the shop got very high fame to Curry Udon, which is a udon put in curry, in the web and some famous criticism of gaurmet. But the appearance seemed not clean and tasty. In the shop, not so roomy, when some people came, it would be crowded in the shop. It was a cafeteria for working people.

The master was not so kind. When I came there, it was around 8:30, maybe he was feeling formidable to my welcome. I felt so from his face.
鯱乃屋 001 syati

It was very common curry udon. But udon was very good.
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串とんかつ 比呂野

Well, I went to the shop for lunch last week. Actually my last mistake to the direction made me got lost to the destination. So I checked up where it was located in advance. Then I found myself mistakable to the wrong way. Anyway I could get there this time. The shop was major in Tonkatsu, which is a deep fry and evaluated by many people in the web.

串とんかつ 比呂野 003 hiro

Once I entered the shop, I was taken to counter, being able to see the figure of cooking by chefs. I thought how the lunch box looks like in the shop. But when it came to me, I was very dissapointed at the appearance.

串とんかつ 比呂野 002 hirono

A piece of Tonkatsu was very small and fried vegitables were not hot and should be remained somewhere or otherwise keep it in the fridge. I was very afarid that the shop was not so evaluated as the reputations in the web. But I know that Lunch could not only criticize how it was. I need to eat it at night in order to blame whether it was good or not.
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カシミール 藤が丘店

I was very busy from the moning. As soon as I got up early, I went to the washing machine to wash my tainted clothes during last week. My collar of clothes was always getting contaminatied easily. So I put much detargent to it and washed many clothes twice. After then I went to the bank to confirm my salary this month. I make it a rule to check my bill every 10th. But because of the error by the company I work, my salary was reduced less than I had calculated. Tha's poor accident.

And there were two classes yesterday in the afternoon. These were quite boring. And at night I worked at the customer's house to teach English to the student. It was a hard day. I slept like a log after I finished all my day.

On the way of getting back home from the costomer's house, I felt like getting very hungry. So I determined to have dinner outsides. I went to the shop I had been aware of before. I have passed the building near the shop before to verify where it is. So i tried to go there as fast as possible to be in time for the closed time.

カシミール 004 kashi

There are some people in the shop at night. It seemd to be famous and popular among the Nagoya people. The web info announced that its curry was very delicious and got good repeaters. There were three cooks from India or another cntral eastern Asia. the should be good curry cheves.

Indeed it was very savorful.
カシミール 002 kashi

カシミール 003 kashi

Some vegitables were in the curry, such as a green pepper and a green beens which I don't like so much. But in spite of that I could feel it very delicious. Moreover, Their service was also good. I have a good affection to the shop.
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I took the examination at Sakae in the moring. Although I set my alerm clock to wake up on the time, I was so sleepy at that time that I slept again after wakeup. That's why I couldn't have time to have breakfast and went in a hurry to the examination place. When I arrived there in time, some people have already come there and read some textbooks for the test. The scene made me very nervous and the appearance of the other's studying seemed to be a harder examee than I. So I put on the small word menu in my bag for pretention. The examination place was very small. There was a big mirror in front of my seat, where I hated it. Once the test started, of course, everybody got silent and concentrate to solve the test's question. It takes about 2 hours to take the test. I could get a better mark than before in August, not sure, though.

After the test, I got back home reluctantly, because I forgot to bring my camera for lunch, wanting to have lunch at Sakae. Then I serched for the shop for my today's lunch and the shop was hit on the web. I decide to go to the shop near my house. I had ramen today in the afternoon.

The shop is very famous among the local people in the district. The shop is also chained with one famous shop in Asahikawa in Hokkaido. I tried a salt-based ramen, which is the menu of the most favorable menus in the shop.
梅光軒 002 baikou

The shop has some counters and 2 box seats. It was quite cleaned, which should be revised recently.

What I ordered came to me.
梅光軒 001 baikou

It was far more delicious than I expected. The soup was very mild, not salty.
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I had something to do in the morning at Hoshigaoka, which is located in the north-east of Nagoya. I made an interview with one office to get much better jobs than whatI am doing. I was a little late for the promised time. But the officer was a good guy who is kind to us. At the first 20 minutes, we had watched the introduction of registration on TV, after that, we made an interview privately and fillin the paper and take some exams which is the same as the police officer's test is taken. Finishing all the processes, it was around noon. So I needed to have lunch as soon as possible, because I had a lecture in the univ at 13:00. I remember when I serched for and hit one shop in the area. That's the below.

チロリン村 002 chiro

It was an old-established outside cafeterria for workers. When I sat at the seat, many workers near the Hoshigaoka were having lunch there. It seemed to be popular among the people in Hoshigaoka. The curry had a good reputation to them according to the info of the web. But I found one strange menu. That was an Indian Pasta, which is a pasta menu of curry sauce. I was considered whether the starange menu, or an orthodox menu, which is curry and rice. But finally I chose the latter.

What I ordered below and another menu beset me at the time.
チロリン村 001 chiro

Seeming to be very strange and untasteful, once I tried to eat it, it was very good. It was much better than I had expected. Next time, I will try the curry and rice.
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I got lost near my district on the way of one shop. The shop was the Tonkatsu's shop which is very popular and gets high evaluation on the web polls. But I could reach the shop after all, what was worse, I went back and forth many times on the same ways. I was very ashamed of myself. I went up and down the slope, and my energy was getting more loss and more loss. Anyway I went straight on my way. Then I could encounter to one shop which is different from where I found. But I thought it very strange through the path by the shop first. Because it was very common house for living and seemed to be prohibited. However, there were many menu signs around the shop.

How was it? It was extremely a house where people live. Nevertheless, it was a restaurant.
伊勝庵 002 ikastu

First I passed the shop by bike on account of ultimate strangeness. But I went back again to try to enter the shop with my courage. Then some people who seemed to be a repeated customer came and had lunch. It was very old in the shop. It has been open for a long time, so to speak, kind of a old-established restaurant.

I placed an order to today's menu.
伊勝庵 001 iaktsu

Ummm, very simple. I'm afraid I could cook so, I supposed indeed. But I could allow the menu with such a cheap price, 530yen a lunch!!
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名古屋 大勝軒

DSC03157 taisyo

When Sunday or Saturday comes, many people make a long que in the afternoon. Brand of Taishoken affects our apetite. I have had the ramen twice before this time. I like the kind of ramen. I have been to the branch in Urawa. The shop in Urawa was very difficult to find. What was worse, the soup of the shop was not hot and it could not be said that the shop succeeded to the Taishoken's taste precisely. So I wanted to know how the shop in Nagoya was.

This time I could enter the shop very smoothly. I was waiting only five minutes. Of course, I ordered Tsukemen, which is separated from soup and noodle which is stretched with water. I love it very much.
名古屋 大勝軒 001 taisyo

The quantity of noodle is very large. This shop is famous as the large quantity in Japan. Some branches alerted that the quantity of them is very defferent from another's. So if you are a tyro of the shop, you had better be careful before ordering what you want to eat.

After eating noodle, I can't help doing one thing. This is to put soup in the tsuke-dare. I love the hot soup, too. I never eat it without coming to the shop. I like one the most favorite shops in regard to ramen.
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餃々(チャオチャオ) 名古屋栄店

The percentage of consumption tax would rise if the government realized their statement exactly. But we Japanese might need the rise of the percentage like Sweden, Denmark. Anyway Japanese government has been suffering from the ridden debt since the bubble economy.

I don't like writing such a difficult thing in my diary. I will write as usual.

I floundered on work yesterday. After my work, I went to sakae to have dinner alone. I aimed for what I want to eat. But I forgot to print out the map and didn't know where the shop was located. So I walked very agressively at random. Then I inisated to remenber where it was located when saw the map on the web. That's great memory of my mind. I could find it fortunately.

This is the gyoza shop. It seemed to be connected with many branches finding that the info on the web afterwards.
餃々(チャオチャオ) 002 tyaotya

This was the counter system to eat. It was like a japanese saloon or a bar. I ordered 2 dishes of the gyoza, one of which was very small. But Reading the menu very carefully, I found it quite expensive. But it was too late to stop what I ordered and have no courage to tell the waiters to change cheaper menu. haha.
餃々(チャオチャオ) 001 tyaotya

The taste was ambiguous, not bad but not good... The sum was over 1000 yen. That's beyound my perspectives. The waiter was forced to hurry my order a little. I couldn't afford to choose what I had slowly. I would never go there.
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