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This seemed to be one of best-seller fastfoods in Tomei Highway. It was good but the cost performance was terrible in my opinion.
浜松餃子 004 por

I have had a lot of food this year, too. I love eating something in many places!!
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It was a gyoza of Hamamatsu.
浜松餃子 002 hama

浜松餃子 001 hama

It seemed that the gyoza is one of the most popular sourvenirs in Hamamatsu. When it comes to Hamamatsu, we have an image that piano or machinary of autobike is popular there. That bias has to be changed year after year.

The ramune, which is one of old fashonable drink, is also changed into thing to colaborate with tea. But it was not good in my tongue.
浜松餃子 003 ramune

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Today was the last day to work for the students. I worked in the morning at Fujigaoka at first. The student had been in bed when I went his house. He had no intent to study. But the attitude made me relieve myself to not proceeding to advanced education. I love the domestic envoronment because I am really easy to do anything.

After the lecture, I saluted them and went to another place where I will take lectures. But I needed to have lunch as a break. Then I remembered one person's word. It was the word of the owner of REGAL in Nagoya. He introduced me to go to one major cafeteria near the Fujigaoka station when I had worked at the shoes shop. He lived in Fujigaoka that he was bright in the area. The word located me to the restaurant.

森久屋 002 mori

At first, I didn't know so well whether it was open or not on time that I closed the door which I opened once. But I could check some people were having lunch and tried to enter it. There were so many menu that I could not choose what I should eat easily. The bitter choice decided to order a crab cream coloketta. I was waiting with some entertainment to the lunch because he said very honorably that the lunch was quite good and you should use the restaurant in hasting you.

森久屋 001 mori

It is large enough to be full of my stomach. That's good, I think. But I had got full easily on account of my stomach's unbalance at that time. Next time I go there, I will know the importance of the restaurant. And I would like to try another menus again.
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I got up very late and prepared for going out for taking a lecture in a hurry. But I could prepare earlier than I had thought and earn the time when I can read some books. I was reading Hosken Report, which is the book of feminism and criticizing the civilization that men have established and unfairness between men and women. I have been getting hatred to her rough statement as a journalist. In the middle of reading it, I stopped doing and went out home.

Then I went to Chikusa station and walked to the Try office for getting a job. I signed up the paper and received some reports and maps to the student I will deal with. After that, I walked toward Shin-Sakae to have lunch. Then I could catch one shop in my sight. The shop is the below.
SIBA 003 siba

The waiter said to me "Namaste (Meaning is こんにちは)" once I entered the shop. He was a cool guy. There were some kinds of set menu in the shop, which was very popular. When I having lunch, many people came there and the shop was full without few minutes.

SIBA 002 shiba

SIBA 001 siba

The curry was a very creamy and mild taste. It was easy for any people to have it. I think that it is very suitable for Japanese people. If you like hot curry, you should serve max hotness in ordering curry in the restaurant.
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大勝軒 今池店

I was not satisfaied with the taste of the Gyoza which I ate before coming to the shop, and I went somewhere to eat more. Then it struck to me that there were one shop which I would like to go near the Imaike station. The shop was the below.
大勝軒 今池店 005 taisyo

大勝軒 今池店 004 taisyo

There is first-established 大勝軒 in the Chikusa ward. This is the second shop in Nagoya. I have been focusing on the shop before. When I went to work near the Imaike, It happened that I found it. So I tried to enter it.

Some working people were in the shop and started to eat the ramen. It was so quite small that The only one seat was left there. Of course, I bought the ticket of Tsukemen at the vending machine. But I waited for morethan 10 minutes to boil up the noodle and serve as the ramen. I supposed that It should be too much time to wait for it if you are short-tempered.

大勝軒 今池店 003 taisyo

大勝軒 今池店 002 taisyo

The soup was quite mild. It was like 大勝軒's ramen. But the noodle was different from that of another shops. It was really thick and strong enough to eat. I noticed that I liked the ramen so much.
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百老亭 今池店

I could get home earlier than usual from my work and spare the time to go to Imaike to have dinner at one aware shop. It was there.
大勝軒 今池店 001 hyaku

I have failed to visit the restaurant of Gyoza three times before. But at last I could succeed in the fourth visit. But It was anticlimax to the treatment. It was really a saloon for working class. There was no rice menu, especially no nomal rice in the shop. It appeared to be the place where people can eat a gyoza over drinking with them. In addtion, A piece of the gyoza was very small and expensive. It was not worth in the price. I felt my expectation do huge damage.
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I did what I had to do in the morning at the day. But I felt like having something to eat when noon came. So I went out to the restaurant, bringing back borrowed books to the library, sending some letters, checking when I have to do outside. After then I went toward the area of the Chikusa ward.

Then I noticed that it was around 13:00 that I did these things when I watched my watch. I dashed to where I struck in my mind to dine out within open time. But I forget the map which I brought in my room and it made me get lost near the shop. While going around there by bike, I could find it at last before 30 minutes' close of the shop. The shop is major in curry of India.
Shathi(シャティ) 003 shat

I found it more difficult to find the location than I had expected. Finishing the peak of lunch, there are few people in the shop and a little quiet. In the atmoshere, I placed an order to what I am fond of. The curry was here.
Shathi(シャティ) 002 shat

Shathi(シャティ) 001 sha

It seemed very tasty. It is chiken curry with nan. I love such a kind of curry. Once I go to curry shops, I never fail to order chiken curry. How was today's curry? It was so mild and moderately hot for me that I could taste it very tastfully. I love one of curries. After lunch, the waiter brought the tawal for waping off sweat face. It was good performance.
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日本料理 けやき 名古屋店

Well, After working in the shoes shop, I visited the restaurant. Some people made a line in front of the restaurant when I went there. It is located in the building of Terumina, which is one of the underground mall like Unimall.
keyaki castom

I entered it and heard one voice of owner's anger.

"What are you doing now? You should serve more quickly!! Sooooo late!!"

Something like that. I was really surprised at the anger. Many people could hear the voice clearly in spite of it in the kitchen. Some people annoyed such the anger when they have dinner. I also held hatred against it. Earnestly speaking, I would go away as soon as I finished eating dinner.

まぐろ小屋 003 keya

To be sure, It was pretty good. But It was not suitable for the comfortable restaurant. I will never go there more.
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Today was the day when I have to go to the shoes shop in the Unimall, which is located under the Nagoya station. Of course, my duty was to help another shopper though I had no idea whether I could borrow my power to them or not. In the morning, it was so cold that it was very hard to get up on time. But I was very afraid that, if I didn't go there, I could not count on them at all, because I like them very much because of their giving me some present such as a shoe keeper or a REGAL Bear which my mom likes so much. Anyway I went there reluctantly to the coldness.

I worked very hard from the moning till night. I was proud of myself to deal with everything I can do with finding my leisure to earn much money for my life. So it was natural that I should be taken treat by my boss in Nagoya. But I think he is really really kind enoght for me to do anything. That's why I can not mention to him severely at all. He also treated me at lunch.

Then I ordered the below.
まぐろ小屋 002 maguro

I like such a Don very much. Thank you very much.
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Well, I had 2 lectures today: one was in the morning, the other was in the evening. I attended myself to the former, but didn't the latter because I got home without one class in the afternoon in that day. So I was serching for something to look up for my study in my room till my work would start. But I complicated my schedule which I had expected, eventually my schedule got a debacle.
The debacle brought me less time to have dinner before my work.

I went to the shop with a little time.
カレーや 002 karetiki

That's really franchised shop of curry and rice. I should not expect the taste of it at all. But it was really cheap. That's why I went there.

It was only 390 yen a dish. That's cool price. However That's all I can say.
カレーや 001karetiki

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インドカレーの店 ボンベイ

I had a lecture for an hour and half in the morning by my instructive professor. After the lecture, He called me about something to tell me. There were two things: one is about the essays of four reccommending books. The other was the result of the test. It was terribly bad, I can guess. But I had objections, which was like an excuse. to the lecture. Now the content of the lecture is about the way to creat the city in the Ancient period. This name feels us get very interested. But The main content of the lecture is the Co-habitational society vs the eliminative society. Therefore, I can not object to the former statement because the lecture focused on the former mainly and I agree, of course, with the latter if you know me. So I really had annoyed the lectures for the second semester. I told him what I had had kinds of complaints. Then, to my surprise, he understood it better than I had expected. It was very important to tell what I had thought directly to the professor first, I supposed.

After the lecture, I went to the REGAL shop at the Nagoya station to get an ordered shoes. Once I went there, They could already keep the shoes. What was better, My reserved shoes could be got from one another shop which has the last one. I tried on the shoes at once. It was fittable to my feet.

Then I acost the chief manager for a while. It was about restaurant at the Nagoya Station. Because I had no lunch till coming there and found where I would have lunch. Then he recommened and proposed one shop near the shop. I tried to go there on foot.

The shop was the below.
カレーショップ ボンベイ 003 von

The shop has the only one menu, which is simply curry and rice. It fights the one menu against another shops.

カレーショップ ボンベイ 001 von

カレーショップ ボンベイ 002 von

The curry was based on tomato and some vegitables. It was very healthy curry but effective to many spices. But Indeed, I don't like the curry so much.
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ラケル 大名古屋ビル店

Food provides us with the power to work in daily life. I always eat anything with my thinking so. That's why without food I could not live with the roughness of food convention. So I can not skip a meal easily. But I usually get up so late that I skip breakfast at least twice a week. I need to get aware of our failure.

I was working at the shoes shop underground of the Nagoya station all day long. Many people visited the shop and the shop was very crowded to buy thier shoes. I made a reservation for my mum's shoes and mine, as well. You can get some novelies during the campaign if you buy the shoes at any Regal shops. The Regal Bear was famous among the customers. This year's one was quite cute. You should go and buy it at once !

At the break, I went to the shop to have late lunch. The shop is very famous as a omrice shop. It is world-wide, as well. Waiter's uniform is very cute and the waiter who I met there became it very much.

I have visited it once before. But I have only to make use as a cafe. So It was the first try to have omu-rice.
ラケル 002 rake

The omu-rice was very unique! I could do a good choice.
ラケル 001 rake

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さっぽろ亭 黒川店

I had a meeting at the ofice late at night. I was so tired with much works this week that I couldn't listen to most of things in the meeting. I don't acertain to remember what the president said at that time all. I need to hear and confirm the contents again. That's why I had to go out the office very very late and I didn't incline to make someting for dinner. I coped with dining out then. But the problem was where I should go near the Kurokawa station. There were few shops opened at that time there. Then My sight caught one shop with walking on the street.

キッチン ダイシン 004 sappo

There was the only one guy when I entered the shop. Of course, Most of people don't have dinner such that time usually. So I wanted to get home as soon as possible with my eating as fast as I could. But many kinds of menu beset me so much. Eventually I chose miso ramen which I was not so fond of.

But it was tastier than I thought, indeed. It was not bad.
キッチン ダイシン 003 sappo

At the same time, I ordered the Chinese fried dumpling. It was not good unfortunately.
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キッチン ダイシン

I had no food in the fridge then, so I could not help going somewhere to have dinner at that night. But it was rain that prevented me from going out. I didn't feel like going out at all. Eventually there was no way but going out, but I went to the shop as near my house as possible. I had three recommendations in advance. I went to the best shop of the three first. But it was unfortune that the shop was closed on holiday. Then I went to the second best of the three. What was worse, it was also closed. So I went to the shop where I didn't go the worst of the three. It was there.

キッチン ダイシン 002 daishin

Once I entered the shop, there were a lot of people who finished working in the shop. The space was not so roomy but established as a restaurant very forcefully. At my surprise, there were many magazines on the shelfs. Anyway, it was like a majolity cafeteria.

What a huge steak it was. I was worried if I could eat it all or not first. However, I could do so without any hesitations. The fried egg on the sliced onion was very inventedly interesting.
キッチン ダイシン 001 daisi

The shop dealt with delivery service, as well. It was very impressed that the owner was running out the shop very rapidly.
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Well, there are a lot of dining out sucessively these day. But going to somewhere to eat could bring me to get better tongue than before. So to speak, I will get to be a gaurmet. But it was very hard to be on the way of gaurmet as an amateur.

Today I had a lecture for my student in Fujigaoka, which is located in the Nagoya city. I got to the station so earlier than usual that I read some magazine in the convenience store. To read a magazine "weekly Jump" is my weekly convention. I love One Piece very much. I am usually waiting for the next week once I finish reading it in the week. Then I usually go to the house for my work.

After the work, I would be on the way to my home at 9:00. But I usually feel that it was very annoying to prepare for the dinner after my work. So there becomes to be quite a lot of dining outs in a week. Every Monday I get to somewhere to have dinner near the house. I went to one new shop. 2 weeks ago I had been a little aware of one new shop near the convenience store I usually make use of. The shop was major in such egg's cuisine as an omlet.

Then I entered the shop and noticed that I was the only man in the shop. The shop seemed to be popular among teenagers or 20s of women. Anyway I appeared to be away.

藤が丘 006 huwa

What I ordered then.
藤が丘 005 huwa
This is an omlet with Hayashi sauce and cheese. That's very a complicated menu. But It was good. I think that it was better than where I went to the shop of omlet in Fujigaoka. I felt the shop very different from the latter shop according to affection to the customers.
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京たまごオムライス モレット

Today was when I was to be a shopper in the shoes shop as my part-time job. But before the work I needed to work at another place in the morning. The job was to teach the student English for his test. It was quite hard to deal with 2 works in a day. But I could also earn much money in a day though had high risk to my body.

Now the work in the morning enables me to get 10,000 yen per only 2 hours. Really high-waged work for me. I usually cope with it with pleasure even on Sunday. The money I got there was cost to have my elegant lunch. This time I went to the department store in Nagoya Station to have lunch. It has 2 floors of restaurants, could be very crowded on the time of lunch time weekends. But I had so much time until work that I made a que for my seem-to-be delicious lunch. But I had waited for more time than I expected. The speed of rotation in the restaurant seemed to be terribly lazy. As another reason some group had kept seating for long time such a busy lunch time. Anyway That's bad timing.

As I could obtain my turn, I noticed that I had to have lunch as fast as possible on account that it would be around the time when I had to be in the shop after finishing eating it. So I had to throw away food to my stomoch in a hurry. I could not relieve myself in the restaurant at all.
京たまごオムライス Mollete 002 more

What was more, in spite of long-time waiting for the restaurant, the omulet with rice was very as ordinary as I had expected. It could acknoledge it as a good one, for it had with 2 pieces of cream crokette with crub. I would not go there next time.
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豚そば ぎんや

We had a party all night long. So I returned back home at 6:00 am. I was so tired that I get to sleep without taking off any clothes. It was around 11:00 that I got up. Today had work in the afternoon. So I needed to prepare for going out in a hurry and have blunch, which is the word conbined between breakfast and lunch. Anyway this week will be busy. I have no mastime until next Wednesday. I have worked a lot for my studying abroud in the future and living on my life.

It cost over 5 hours to finish working there. I was really tired again plus the tiredness of the party. So I had no power to make something to eat as dinner at home and wanted to dine out somewhere. Then I struck on me that there is a famous ramen shop in Kurokawa, where I have ever wanted to go. So I could afford to go toward there and tried to do so.

At the visit there, some people made a que in the cold night. It must be very famous and popular. I included the line. When we had a ramen, waiting outside is a matter of course in Japan. But it was very freazy waiting outside.

豚そば ぎんや 001 ginya

Some guys finished eating and went out of the shop. It was my turn to eat. I ordered Tsuke men. But unfortunately it was not as delicious as many people make a que. I felt I kept standing in the cold night to have such a ramen. But it doesn't mean not to be delicious.
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Fortessimo H

We held the party for my friend's birthday the other day. But we go enbarrassed with how much the cake we served and where we could buy the cake ofr the birthday. As for the cake, the high price it was, the more delicious it was. I chose a little expensive one. That's no problem. But the problem was where I buy it. I didn't know some cake stores in my gaurmet map. Then I tried to serch for where it was and ask someone. Then some information in the web showed me that there were many cake shops in Chikusa ward. I serched for that more. Then I could reach one shop, which I have seen before when I walked around the building.

That's the below. It seemed that within 2 or 3 years has passed since the shop established.

Before the day of the party, I made a reservation for the cake in advance. That's completed to prepare what I could do for her. The next day I would take it up on the promised time. However, I was a little busy at that day that I reached the shop about 2 hours late and buy something to make in a hurry at the near shop. After that, I went to the my friend's house by taxi.

How was it?
Fortessimmo H 002 fore

White was white chocolate, which was covered with the wall of cake. The cake was thought to be a little smaller than I had expected. But the cake could had them satisfied all the party. And It was delicious.
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ザ・どん 黒川店

It was very busy today. First, we gathered at the cafe in the university to prepare for the presentation next year and device our ideas. For an hour we could come out some ideas and strategies for marketing. We will investigate how the world of men's cosmetics grows till next meeting. Then I went to the class in a hurry because I had a short presentation in the class. I could succeed in it thanks to my friend's contribution through messenger and we discussed some topics of retholic expressions. Then I skipped a class on account of my boring and continued to study my stuffs over a cup of tea in the lab. After that, I went toward the office at Kurokawa. Doesn't seemed to be a hard day?

After working there, I could get my freedom at lass in a day. I intended to go to massage at Ikeshita, which is my favorite shop of massage. But as for me, My stomach needed to be full of something to eat somewhere. Then I had it near the office.
ザ・どん 002 the

It was made by franchised shop. It was no more tasty so much than Yoshinoya' Don is.
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I went to sakae to accomplish some tasks for me. First I went to the bank to draw some money and write records to my bank book. My bankbook, however, was full of records, I needed to change new one. But it was unfortune that the open time of the bank was over to deal with some deeds. Next, I went to the department store to buy a bottle of alcohol for the party day after tomorrow. Then I upstaired the floor to get my favorite pens. There were many eluminations of Christmas around the Lachic.

Going underground in the Lachic, you can find one curry, whose style is for Japanese. I have never seen such a curry. When I ordered it, I waited for it less than 5 minutes.

せんば自由軒 001 senba

Then a waiter said, "You should stir up the raw egg with the curry. It would make it more delicious." I have never experienced such a stirring curry before. So I tried to do so with some expectation. It was true. Quite good. It was a new style of dry curry. But the curry seemed to be the oldest style of curry in Japan.
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