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横浜家系豚骨 醤油極太麺 侍

I had two classes in English. It was very hard for me to deal with some assignment. Hard time has continued until I get used to the classes. But I am enjoying during Golden week and I will visit Singapore to take an examination after Golden week. I will have blanked some classes for two weeks. At the same time I need preare for the classes, adjust and adapt my daily life.

After the classes, I led some hours to study and write my thesis's project sheet. After the work, I worked at Fujigaoka. I was very tired to pile up many works in a day. At the end of today, I would dine out for present for myself and felt like eating very salty ramen suddenly.

The shop is the below.
かんくろう 007 samurai

It was under the railway and provided us for only proud ramen. I ordered a little deep one.
かんくろう 006 samurai
It was quite good but seemed to be oily a little.
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韓国旬彩料理 妻家房

I worked at Sengen-cho in the morning till 12:00. After the work, I went to Sakae to buy what I want to read and have lunch somehwere. But I couldn't find out the book because it was sold out. So I went somethere around Sakae station. Then I decided the shop in Lachic and tasted bibimpa.

かんくろう 005 saika
But it was very common taste, not so special.
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Till today I had to write ES and send it to the office at which I would like to work. But it was around 18:00. I was very worried whether I could be in time for accepting my mail at the office or not and I dashed to the post office at Imaike by bike. Thanks to my hasteness, I could pass the ES to the officer. After I relieved myself at that time, I visited one shop which I watched when I peddaled my bike with max power. The shop's main dish is hand-made gyoza.
かんくろう 002 gyoza

When I reached the shop, they seemed to prepare for the opening. One guy, who was an owner, telephoned someone. I asked a woman whether the shop was opend or not, and she said it's opened. I took seat and ordered a set menu.

This is one main dish of the set menu. Gyoza. a piece of them was little. But quite good.
かんくろう 001 gyoza

The set menu is including some foods, a bowl of miso soup, salad and a deep-fried chicken. These side dishes were not so good except a deep- fried chicken. While eating dinner, I talked with the owner about the election of the next Nagoya's mayor. But I had no right to elect the mayor and had no idea who is the most powerful man in Nagoya because I didn't transfer my residence registeration to Nagoya. But I was enjoyable with him.
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Today I worked at Nishi-ku, teaching English to a student of the third grade of high school. But she is not so good at English and it seemed to be hard to pass the exam of her desirable univ. But I hope she will make it because she is now doing her best.

After the work, I went to Sakae to find a book for lecture on Thursday. Fortunately I got the last one in stock. And I had lunch in the building Mitsukoshi. the restaurant is the below.
東洋軒 003 toyo

Its famous dish is a black curry. Once I see it for the first time, It was really black.
東洋軒 002 toyo

rice with some condiment, which I have no idea what is.
東洋軒 001 toyo

well I have never encountered to such a curry. It was very delicious and was listed in my mind as a good dish for me. It could match sweetness of some vegitables and mild hotness of many spice hormoniously.
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I joined in the conference of the explaination of the company which I want to go with a friend of mine in the morning. There were quite a lot of people in the conference room. These people wore very colorful clothes, not a recruit suits. That's good atmospere for me and I would like to work stronger than before.

After the forum, I was separated from my friend and walked around Sakae to have somehing for lunch.Then I struck to myself that there is a restaurant of gyoza in the Sakae station. But I lost where it was located first and could eventually reach there after ten minutes' walk. It seemed that the former shop was established as a renewal one.
April 2009 006 gyous

In the restaurant, it was not clean and many screams were rushed out by some waiters. I don't like such a atmosphere. Anyway I devoted myself to enjoy the "gyoza" which is very famous among the Nagoya. This is the gyoza the below.
April 2009 005 gyos

Not so special, actually.
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Well, I was very tired from going back to Tokyo. I visited Tokyo to interview with some officer for job hunting. But on the second day of visiting Tokyo, I was so annoying to members of the discussion that I complained to them and the officer, and rushed out of the room. They could not understand what a discussion is. On discussion, one can not blame the statement each other. That's a blinded rule. But They did decry the answer to the topic. I thought it was useless for me to do anymore. That's why I went it out.

Next day, I went back to Nagoya, which is now main capital on my activity. I was so exhausted that I didn't do anymore then. So I dealt with dining out at some restaurants. Then I went to the below. It was really ordinary restaurant in Nagoya.

4月です。 007 kine

That's very ふつうーーーーーーー。
4月です。 006 kine
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まい泉 (東京)

I had a post office's test at 13:00 today. I was back to Tokyo with much luggage. But I need to be full of my stomach before the examination and interview. I went to the shop and had a Tonkatsu.

4月です。 003 maisen
It was very tasty! I felt like winning the exam! however.....
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オムライス専門店 HALOO EGG

The meeting for my work at school was held in the afternoon. It was so boring as to want to sleep with much trouble and inconsistency to the arguement. But I needed how to conduct the machine I will use. After the meeting, I went back to my office to bring some books and thesis in my bag and went out again at work. But I had time to afford to have something to eat. My working time is from 19:00 till 22:00 and I can not have anything till the time. So I determined to have it before my work.

I went to the below. I had to go upstairs to 7F of the building.
4月です。 002 egg

There were few people in the restaurant as well as in the building. Anyway it was quite silent there. It was what I ordered then. It was not so tasteful.
4月です。 001 egg

I will not go there next time.
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